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Making the Right Changes

When our God wills, He makes a way! He surely did that for us to have a Fall Festival with an auction in the midst of a pandemic. Even with faculty, staff and administration pulling double duties to keep the environment safe for school, the group came together to make the annual Fall Festival possible. While administration and kitchen staff pulled together the needs for the take-out barbeque plates, Pastor Gary Moger devised the plan for the online auction and craft fair. He also devised the means of carrying out the plan. With everything in place, the faculty and staff met together on November 20 to fill the needs and provide the anticipated festival for the community.

In looking at the differences of a virtual and takeout event, Pastor Gary Moger reflected on the changes from past years and said, "The pandemic prevented our family and friends from coming into the campus. The Fall Festival is a huge Faith family, community event with many friends and alumni coming back to visit."

Even though the effort initially seemed like a great challenge, God's provision through the prayers of His people made the day a great success. Pastor Moger said, "I was overwhelmed by how many people supported our online effort. Even though we could not be together in-person, we made about the same amount of money. That was amazing! We actually sold more BBQ than normal."

In addition, the festival also proved to be a refreshing time for the faculty and staff to step out of the norms of a school day and enjoy time with one another as friends and not just co-workers.

As the mind and hand behind the event, Pastor Gary Moger said, "As always, the faculty and staff worked great together and worked very hard. It is a blessing to work with such a great team."

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The Bigger Picture

In the world of instability and change, God continues to grow His people to find their security in His unchanging character. How does He do this in a time such as this? How could spiritual growth come out of chaotic circumstances? FCS students have grown to understand that their God is bigger than anything, including a pandemic.

To tell of what God was doing in their lives, students in upper elementary through high school wrote essays to explain what God has taught them this past year. The idea originated with Mrs. JoAnn Braxton, an FCS grandparent and FBC member, who presented the idea to others who joined in judging the essay contest.

The group was so impressed with the students' testimonies that they compiled a book to show what God was doing in 2020. Even though so many will forever look back on 2020 as a disturbing and hard year, God was and continues to be bigger. He delights in doing greater things through what we often view as only difficult circumstances. 

We congratulate the following winners:

Elementary - First Place - Emma Howard; Second Place - Seth Greenwood; Third Place - Payton Staley

Middle School - First Place - Addie Langley; Second Place - Taylor Singleterry; Third Place - Gabriel Jones; Fourth Place - Isabelle Nance

High School - First Place - Jacob Avelino; Second Place - Vandie Greene; Third Place - Dakota Hicks; Fourth Place - Samuel Daniel

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He Did It Again

Would we have a community service day? Would we be able to visit homes and nursing home facilities to encourage and minister to others in a pandemic? These questions swarmed the thoughts of the Faith family, especially the students who did not want to miss such an impacting day. 

Our Community Service Day coordinator, Tamra Moger, acknowledged the challenges in the circumstances of COVID-19 and said, "In the past volunteers were able to help with more things, but with this year's protocol, things such as contacting nursing homes to find out what they could do and what we could do was something I took on."

Regardless of expected challenges, Mrs. Moger could see God at work. She said, "I went into it thinking that we’d get a lot of 'nos,' but the nursing homes were thrilled that we still wanted to come. They did everything possible so that we could come, even if it was to visit outside of the windows. They were really wanting us to come during a time when people are more concerned about themselves than they are about other people.”

The limitations even presented opportunity that would not have been open outside of the pandemic restrictions. Mrs. Moger said, "Each class was able to visit two nursing homes. Even though they didn’t get to give the normal treatment and programs, we were able to see more people. Some classes made posters, balloons, and carried stuffed animals."

The accomplishments of the day were comparable to the past years, and for that, God receives the glory. From the experiences, Mrs. Moger agreed that God accomplished the work through our willingness to serve. She said, "God works all things together for HIS good. Sometimes we limit how we see service if it is not the way it's always been or how we would define service."

All praise goes to the Lord who enabled and provided for us. Mrs. Moger concluded, "God blessed us with a beautiful day! We can serve God in any way, but the sunshine did make a big difference. Even though I was concerned that we might have less parents, we had more than we needed."

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In His Time

s-the wilds 2020In lieu of the times in which we are living, the faculty spent much time praying over the decision to go to The Wilds Christian Camp. Having been our school-opening spiritual emphasis week of the year, the decision did not come easy due to the coronavirus. The decision was made for the tenth through twelfth grades to go without the other middle and high school grades. With extra transportation for extra space, the continual wear of face masks, carrying along our air purifiers, and plenty of hand sanitizer, the classes loaded the vans and headed out for a week that would make the memory books.  

Junior Vandie Greene marked this trip as one of her favorite. She said, "I had many impacting moments, including when we gathered around the fire, and we all started talking about what God had done in our lives. Having been to The Wilds for several years, I have never experienced something quite like this here. Teenagers, including my own classmates, were confessing and making promises to God and just discussing everything we were dealing with. We felt a real closeness to each other as we shared and had smores."

With social distancing, worship services continued as the students were taught the importance of dealing with their sin and keeping a close relationship with the Lord. Break out sessions included the basics of inductive Bible study in which the students later commented on how helpful the instructions were for them. They realized that getting into God's Word would be the tool for true biblical change in their lives as they held each other accountable. 

Fun times were no less and maybe even more as the students embraced the opportunities for hiking to the Falls, braving the Summit obstacle course together, flying the sky on the giant swing, and riding the current tubing down the river.  But that's not all, since their were only three grades present at the lake, whole classes got more involved to see who could manage the tube slide and tread the lake water to make it to the dock. A few boys and one teacher managed to tread the water top in their tubes all the way to the dock for the jump towers. Paddle boats, canoes and the blob were busy activities as the entire group participated and enjoyed the time with their classmates. 

Senior Toni Perez will not soon forget her last student trip to The Wilds and said, "It was amazing! I feel like we all grew a lot spiritually. It was exciting to learn a new way to better understand the Bible instead of just struggling through it. And who can forget Willy using the giant airhorn to wake Avery up during fun time entertainment!"

The trip, having been prayed through even more so than usual, proved to be the pinnacle for our school opening, and the Lord continues to bless our student body. Even the students are thankful to be at school!


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As He Wills

s-opening days 2021School was "up and rolling" in August, believe it or not in this COVID crisis. Middle and high school students began classes one day while the elementary students began classes another day to break the full flow of hallway traffic and get the protocol adjustments in order for everyone. Is it normal? The the older students would say no, but it is better than online learning if we have a choice. While classes are contained and little to no interaction takes place between most grade levels during the school day, the cleaning protocol keeps teachers and students on their tose. One student said, "Things may be a little different, but I'm glad to be in school."

In order to get things in order before the school year could begin, Mr. Todd Daniel, school administrator, spent his summer making the necessary contacts and making the needed purchases to ensure as safe environment as possible with this unseen virus. Through generous donations, the Lord has provided high-quality ionizers for each classroom and common areas of the school. Through the CARES Act, FCS was also provided funds to make purchases of things to make it possible to have school in the midst of the pandemic. Our alumni formed an medical advisory team to help put the right protocol in place to keep sickness down as much as possible. The Lord continues to give us the people and contacts we need, and we praise Him!

As we have students who must quarantine or isolate due to the virus, cameras for live classes are one of the provisions that keeps school going. We thank our technology help here, including Pastor Gary Moger who stays on top of these needs. In addition, we thank Administrator Daniel for the countless hours of preparation. Most of all, the ultimate praise is to our Lord for being our resource who leads and gives according to His will. 

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To the Finish

s-dropoff pickupDrive around, pick up and drop off became the every two-week routine during the corona pandemic. Elementary students and parents waved and shared their distanced conversations from their cars with teachers and turned in work, showing the students had listened to the teachers' videos, downloaded attachments, and completed workbook pages. The scenario was out of our box of normal thinking but channeled into a time of nurturing family relationships while continuing to progress academically.

With its challenges, the school year was accomplished through online learning, and the students came for their last drop off and pick up to be greated by a countdown of balloons along the road, since the students were used to counting down the days and chanting their last countdown before leaving their last day. As the cars circled around, each student received a happy farewell and send off by his/her teacher with a bag of goodies to enjoy.

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For Such a Time as This

s-grads 2020The ongoing questions, "Would there be a graduation? Will there be any culmination to such a historical year?" With challenges and accomplishments, the school year came to a close the third week of May with no exams, to the students' liking. We can only look back and praise the Lord for His provision through Microsoft 365, tools we were already using, that the student body completed their school year online. No, it was not quite the same - the social aspect and the teacher's one-on-one care was definitely hindered, but connections were still made and the students successfully overcame an eventful last two months of school. 

As preparations were considered for the best scenario due to the need for social distancing, Administrator Todd Daniel made every effort to keep the best interest of all in mind. The Class or 2020 with only 12 students was allowed to invite their immediate families and share this milestone in keeping with the laws before us. 

The special evening will be remembered for the testimonies and speeches by salutatorian Christin Stein and valedictorian Jacob Cassell, who shared special memories and accomplishments made by their class. Awards for achievements in academic courses as well as sports achievements were announced, and the class presented their homeroom sponsors, Bill, Sherri and Melissa Hohneisen, a special gift. In addition, the senior gift of an elementary hall water fountain and bottle filler was also given. Parents were recognized and pictures awarded to them in addition to two second generation graduates who gave their parents and grandparents a special memorial picture. 

Since the seniors had no baccalaureate service, Alan Hoffler, the executive director of MillsWyck Communications, gave an impacting challenge to the seniors, and a video portrayed some of the seniors' fondest high school memories.

The ceremony closed with Mrs. Cris Brunson and Mr. Gary Jones, high school teachers, singing "But Continue Thou" from 2 Timothy 3:14 and the congregation singing "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" as the recessional. 

The class was greeted in the parking lot with congrats and a time of fellowship with their families. 

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Our Lord Makes a Way

s-online school articleJust as our spring break came to its close and the seniors returned from ministry work in the Dominican Republic, the COVID-19 pandemic became a societal dilemma. It seemed as if the world was going into hibernation and the quarantine was putting a halt to all outside contacts. How would FCS continue to educate the students for another 10 weeks? As proven true time and again, God made a way. It did not take long for His sovereignty to reveal itself in the midst of such a puzzling challenge that our world saw as a crisis. High school teacher Gary Jones and Pastor Gary Moger got on the task quickly and spent days investigating a program the school had been granted several years ago through Microsoft. Having not yet uncovered the capacity of this God-sent gift to FCS, the men discovered our needs were met with little expense compared to what so many educational facilities would be required to afford. There it was all the time, right at our fingertips and providing the means of team communication, videos, class meetings, assignment attachments, test making, grading, and all that we needed apart from seeing our students face-to-face in a classroom.

Nothing replaces the presence and care of a  teacher in the classroom by his/her students, but we  endeavored, with the Lord's help, to do our best to complete a school year with an ironically historical ending. Never had the students or teachers experienced such a year that would make the history books, and the students would be able to bear witness of how they made it through a pandemic crisis.

Administrator Todd Daniel joined the forces by bringing together the team of teachers to take on the challenge, and the technology men made sure all knew how to serve their students the best that we could. Even with the challenges to both the teachers and the students, God enabled a finale, and the students wrapped up the school year by the third week of May.

While student polls showed that the students preferred to be in school, they have learned to appreciate the help and support of their teachers in the classroom, and especially, all  the teachers, look forward to the 2021 school year. We prayerfully hope for a more normal year, realizing that what was once normal may be a thing of the past. The stabilizing truth reminded by Mr. Daniel through the challenging days was that God was not taken by surprise, and He is still in control. 

We continue to praise and thank God for being our Provider, our Sustainer, our Rock in whom we are anchored. 

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Another Idea

s- senior dayIt had been three weeks since I had been on Faith Christian’s campus. As my mom and I were pulling up to the school, we saw all my friends and teachers gathered around with gifts to honor the Seniors. After the COVID-19 outbreak, it put a bummer on our senior year - no spring sports and prom and graduation all delayed. All these things we had looked forward to at the end of high school were cancelled or delayed because of the virus. To help with this, our teachers had an idea to honor the seniors when we went to school to pick up our caps and gowns. When we pulled in the school that day, I was greeted by my friends, and we kept our distance. We were soon given treat bags and our caps and gowns. Our teachers had put in a special effort to bake us desserts or buy us small things, most of them accompanied with a note of encouragement. We even had special yard signs that said, “2020 Graduate of Faith Christian School.” We received our presents and had our pictures made individually.

As my mom and I drove home, I had many thoughts going through my head, many of which were sad, about the things we will miss this year but also the crazy way we have adjusted to this pandemic. The way our world can be stopped in a few days is something I never thought I would see. Although it may be a disappointing time, I am thankful for how the school has responded and that I am a part of the Faith family, which allows us seniors to have such a special day and still eventually have our graduation and Junior-Senior banquet.

By Christin Stein, senior 2020

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