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To the Finish

s-dropoff pickupDrive around, pick up and drop off became the every two-week routine during the corona pandemic. Elementary students and parents waved and shared their distanced conversations from their cars with teachers and turned in work, showing the students had listened to the teachers' videos, downloaded attachments, and completed workbook pages. The scenario was out of our box of normal thinking but channeled into a time of nurturing family relationships while continuing to progress academically.

With its challenges, the school year was accomplished through online learning, and the students came for their last drop off and pick up to be greated by a countdown of balloons along the road, since the students were used to counting down the days and chanting their last countdown before leaving their last day. As the cars circled around, each student received a happy farewell and send off by his/her teacher with a bag of goodies to enjoy.

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For Such a Time as This

s-grads 2020The ongoing questions, "Would there be a graduation? Will there be any culmination to such a historical year?" With challenges and accomplishments, the school year came to a close the third week of May with no exams, to the students' liking. We can only look back and praise the Lord for His provision through Microsoft 365, tools we were already using, that the student body completed their school year online. No, it was not quite the same - the social aspect and the teacher's one-on-one care was definitely hindered, but connections were still made and the students successfully overcame an eventful last two months of school. 

As preparations were considered for the best scenario due to the need for social distancing, Administrator Todd Daniel made every effort to keep the best interest of all in mind. The Class or 2020 with only 12 students was allowed to invite their immediate families and share this milestone in keeping with the laws before us. 

The special evening will be remembered for the testimonies and speeches by salutatorian Christin Stein and valedictorian Jacob Cassell, who shared special memories and accomplishments made by their class. Awards for achievements in academic courses as well as sports achievements were announced, and the class presented their homeroom sponsors, Bill, Sherri and Melissa Hohneisen, a special gift. In addition, the senior gift of an elementary hall water fountain and bottle filler was also given. Parents were recognized and pictures awarded to them in addition to two second generation graduates who gave their parents and grandparents a special memorial picture. 

Since the seniors had no baccalaureate service, Alan Hoffler, the executive director of MillsWyck Communications, gave an impacting challenge to the seniors, and a video portrayed some of the seniors' fondest high school memories.

The ceremony closed with Mrs. Cris Brunson and Mr. Gary Jones, high school teachers, singing "But Continue Thou" from 2 Timothy 3:14 and the congregation singing "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" as the recessional. 

The class was greeted in the parking lot with congrats and a time of fellowship with their families. 

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Our Lord Makes a Way

s-online school articleJust as our spring break came to its close and the seniors returned from ministry work in the Dominican Republic, the COVID-19 pandemic became a societal dilemma. It seemed as if the world was going into hibernation and the quarantine was putting a halt to all outside contacts. How would FCS continue to educate the students for another 10 weeks? As proven true time and again, God made a way. It did not take long for His sovereignty to reveal itself in the midst of such a puzzling challenge that our world saw as a crisis. High school teacher Gary Jones and Pastor Gary Moger got on the task quickly and spent days investigating a program the school had been granted several years ago through Microsoft. Having not yet uncovered the capacity of this God-sent gift to FCS, the men discovered our needs were met with little expense compared to what so many educational facilities would be required to afford. There it was all the time, right at our fingertips and providing the means of team communication, videos, class meetings, assignment attachments, test making, grading, and all that we needed apart from seeing our students face-to-face in a classroom.

Nothing replaces the presence and care of a  teacher in the classroom by his/her students, but we  endeavored, with the Lord's help, to do our best to complete a school year with an ironically historical ending. Never had the students or teachers experienced such a year that would make the history books, and the students would be able to bear witness of how they made it through a pandemic crisis.

Administrator Todd Daniel joined the forces by bringing together the team of teachers to take on the challenge, and the technology men made sure all knew how to serve their students the best that we could. Even with the challenges to both the teachers and the students, God enabled a finale, and the students wrapped up the school year by the third week of May.

While student polls showed that the students preferred to be in school, they have learned to appreciate the help and support of their teachers in the classroom, and especially, all  the teachers, look forward to the 2021 school year. We prayerfully hope for a more normal year, realizing that what was once normal may be a thing of the past. The stabilizing truth reminded by Mr. Daniel through the challenging days was that God was not taken by surprise, and He is still in control. 

We continue to praise and thank God for being our Provider, our Sustainer, our Rock in whom we are anchored. 

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COVID-19: High Schoolers' Perspectives and Advice

s-covid 19 articlesThe coronavirus pandemic had taken the world by surprise since the beginning of 2020. Pastor and author, Dr. John MacArthur said, “As people of the church during this time we should be the most stable, the most calm and the most sane.” 

This virus has taken many lives across the world and has stayed on the strong path of destruction. COVID-19 is a virus that, when at its worst in a victim, can shut down the persons lungs. Although from this virus it may seem like there is no good to come from it, there can be “beauty out of the ashes.” During this difficult time for our nation, people are searching for many different things like comfort, answers and just worldly things. This could be a time where many turn to the one truth, and that is what the Bible has to say. MacArthur said, “During this time many can come to seek truth at the church.” 

Others should notice how much we, as Christians, rely on our God during these times and all the time. Our God brings peace, and He has a plan that is ultimately for our good. 

This pandemic is only going to show how strong our God is and will not defeat us but, in the end, make us prosper. Even if a Christian passes away during this time, MacArthur said it best: “We have a living hope.” 

By Trevor Brunson, junior

Society has been stripped, stripped from sports, money, hobbies and security. Millions of Americans are ready to get back on their feet and do the things that they love to do and go to the places where they love to go. They are bored of staying in their homes for this long period of time, and they miss seeing the people that they love due to social distancing, but maybe this is God’s purpose. Maybe He is opening the world’s eyes to see what really matters in life and that our world and country needs Him and Him alone.

God’s purpose for this virus shows us just how fragile our lives are and how important it is to know where we are going to spend eternity. We as people never know when we will draw our last breath.

During this time, Christians have the amazing opportunity to spread God’s love and His truth. Christians have the chance to show how we do not have to fear death if our trust is in the Lord. John MacArthur, American pastor and owner of Grace to You Ministries, said during an interview, “This time is an opportunity for Christians who say they trust in the Lord and put their faith in Jesus Christ to demonstrate that.”

Another one of God’s purposes for this virus is that hopefully it will turn our country and the world’s focus back to God. Charles Stanley, senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia and founder of In Touch Ministries, said during an interview, “The best thing that will come out of this virus is that we will recognize that we need God.”

During this time, our response to this pandemic can be that we have the opportunity to focus more on our relationship with the Lord and become even closer with Him. This also is a time when we as Christians should be ready to share the hope we have in Jesus by knowing and trusting in Him.

With this hope in Jesus, Christians are able to reach out to the unsaved, the fearful and the lost. In discussion of this pandemic, MacArthur said, “This is when we as Christians need to show the joy of the Holy Spirit. This is the time for Christians to have joy, demonstrate peace and declare their faith.”

In addition, Psalms 91:2 says, "I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress; my God; in him will I trust."

During this pandemic, we should be sensible and cautious to protect ourselves and others around us, but ultimately, we should trust in God to watch over us and protect us. Also, during this time, Jesus is moving us more toward Him and is testing our faith in Him. Stanley said, “God is always there; He’s just waiting on us to acknowledge our need of Him.”

By Katie Gaines, junior

In this time of tribulation, we need to turn to God and His Word to see what we as Christians should do. With all the panic, we must be sure of our faith and our God so that we will be beacons of hope to those who fear.

“The Posture of the Christian is to appeal to God’s character, confess our inability, and put our eyes on the Lord,” said Dr, David Jeremiah, author, pastor and founder of Turning Point Ministries. 

We are reminded to concentrate on prayer in this time. Prayer and worry have the same cost of our energy, but one leads to peace while the latter leads to panic.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God,” wrote the Apostle Paul in Philippians 4:6-8.

We need to recognize our powerlessness so that we will call upon God for His power. It is in this time that we learn from Paul to control our minds.

We are reminded in II Timothy 1:7,  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 

Without controlling our thoughts, we panic allowing our mind to wander from God’s protection.

“These dark products of the imagination can put us in the grip of fear, a place God would never have us go," said Dr. Jeremiah.

We must also see God’s promises of protection. The prophet Isaiah wrote, “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in the LORD forever.” Isaiah 26:3 

But in this time, we do not only need to focus on ourselves but be a beacon to the nonbelievers.

“We must show the peace that passes all understanding in our hearts,” said Dr. John MacAurthur, author, pastor and founder of Grace to You Ministry. 

Even though we are given this opportunity, we need know how to use it properly. We must show the world the hope God brings us and not debate them into believing.

In an interview, MacArthur said, “We need to be Heralds of His Word.” 

Even through all this mess, we must still do all for God's glory as we are reminded of Paul's admonition:“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God,” I Corinthians 10:31.

By Avery LeGlue, junior

Uncertain times, societal upheaval, the threat of poverty, sickness and death–all this naturally leads to fear. As the well-known writer and pastor, Dr. David Jeremiah, said, “We’ve never been here, and we don’t know what to do.”

In situations like these, one of the best things we can do is remember just how great, how good, how strong and mighty, how faithful our God truly is. Dr. Jeremiah said, “We need to call out to God Almighty and ask for divine intervention.”

Through Jesus Christ, each one of us can know Him as our heavenly Father. Dr. Jeremiah admonished, “Let your mind become captive to Christ.”

It is most helpful in such situations to meditate on verses of Scripture that we know by heart, that we think through, pray through, feel through, chew through, carry in our hearts, and digest inwardly.

By Brent Lafferty, junior

Another Idea

s- senior dayIt had been three weeks since I had been on Faith Christian’s campus. As my mom and I were pulling up to the school, we saw all my friends and teachers gathered around with gifts to honor the Seniors. After the COVID-19 outbreak, it put a bummer on our senior year - no spring sports and prom and graduation all delayed. All these things we had looked forward to at the end of high school were cancelled or delayed because of the virus. To help with this, our teachers had an idea to honor the seniors when we went to school to pick up our caps and gowns. When we pulled in the school that day, I was greeted by my friends, and we kept our distance. We were soon given treat bags and our caps and gowns. Our teachers had put in a special effort to bake us desserts or buy us small things, most of them accompanied with a note of encouragement. We even had special yard signs that said, “2020 Graduate of Faith Christian School.” We received our presents and had our pictures made individually.

As my mom and I drove home, I had many thoughts going through my head, many of which were sad, about the things we will miss this year but also the crazy way we have adjusted to this pandemic. The way our world can be stopped in a few days is something I never thought I would see. Although it may be a disappointing time, I am thankful for how the school has responded and that I am a part of the Faith family, which allows us seniors to have such a special day and still eventually have our graduation and Junior-Senior banquet.

By Christin Stein, senior 2020

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Loving Our School Family

s-vday fun Thank you, school family, for all the support of our Valentine's Day celebration! A record amount of money was raised to feed Dominican villages! Our Seniors had been working all week and arrived before 5 a.m. to begin filling orders. Thanks to Mrs. Sherri Hohneisen's continual vision and diligent work, the balloons, cake balls, candy, cookies and stuffed animals were all over the school building and in the proper classrooms first thing to begin the school day. We thank the school family for making this happen as well. If it were not for their generosity and support, their would be no orders to fill. The Ag Class, led by Ms. Marjie Grubb, even sold over $400 worth of dog biscuits to add to the fundraising totals.

After lunch the entertainment from our Advanced Speech Class sparked the excitement with a play clip on a Love Magnet or a car the guys used in "looking for ladies." The student audience loved it and rolled in laughter! 

Singing Valentines kept the "oohs and ahhs" stirred as the girls and boys were called to the stage for song dedications purchased by friends, parents and by some pranksters who paid the $4 for a good laugh. Dating game questions for high school couples kept the audience engaged and cheering on those who competed for the top scores. 

Needless to say, we had a great day raising money for the Seniors' opportunity to love on the Dominican people. 

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Grand Ol' Times

s-grand day 20What a wonderful afternoon of celebrating some of the greatest people on earth - our grandparents! For all they do, we can never repay, but our students sure tried to tell them all that they mean to them. Some wrote notes of appreciation and gave lists of why they loved their grandparents. Spending time with me, feeding me, taking me places and teaching me so many things were among the students top answers. The silly descriptions and funny stories of what made the grandparents special gave big laughs for the students and grandparents to enjoy. During the program, the elementary and high school groups each sang, and the Echoes of Faith played handbells. The students completed their afternoon of expressing their thanksgiving with cake prepared by our lunch ladies. 

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Focusing on Him

s-senior nightA night of spotlight for our seniors, the basketball games ended with great wins against Hilltop and were followed by what we call Senior Night. The Senior Class decorated the stage and each met his/her parents with hugs to celebrate a beautiful night. The focus was God-given attributes and exemplary behaviors observed and voted by the high school student body.

The evening became precious moments to parents for whom the students had prerecorded letters of thanksgiving for all their parents’ love and sacrifices. In addition, the students gave testimonies of salvation and spoke of their desires and God-given strengths in which He can use them as they soon graduate from high school.

A video presentation included childhood pictures all the way through school and to the present which reminded the students of their good times and school days together. But to end this very special memory of their senior year, Gary Jones, teacher, prayed over the seniors and their parents as he recalled the Lord’s work in their lives and His desires to bless them as they seek to honor Him with their lives.

Photo credits, Sarah Workman

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Come On, Ring Those Bells!

s-christmas program 2019Bells ringing and children singing made a merry night of Christmas celebration! The Kindergarten and First Grade classes began the annual Christmas Concert with songs of Jesus' birth. The Elementary chorus followed by singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas," and the Middle School chorus beautifully added Dottie Rambo's "I Call Him Lord" with a Christmas favorite, "Sleigh Ride." Truly capturing the sounds of the season, the Echoes of Faith handbell choir played several songs such as "Silver Bells" and "Joy to the World." 

Including all the elementary students in some way during the evening, the Second Graders sang but also played their recorders for a first-time performance, and the Elementary Ensemble continued the bell emphasis, lifting praise to the Christ of Christmas.

A perfect time for the students to display their musical talents, Zack Hughes gracefully played "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" and "Mary, Did You Know?" Other students showcased their musical talents - Jacob Avelino at the piano, Karrie Gaines with the violin, and Katie Gaines on the guitar. Leanna Tally lead "Breath of Heaven" with her solo part while the Echoes of Faith Ensemble sang several songs to cap off an evening of Christ-exalting music.

A solemn reminder of how our Savior is "Worthy of Worship," the Advanced Speech Class performed a skit picturing many homes of Christians this time of year--rushed and occupied with Christmas program practices, shopping, meetings and so many good things that can become our focus in the hustle of the season. The dialogue reminded that even God-honoring things can become idols when they get our eyes off the One we are to worship.

To end on a final note of praise, the elementary, middle and high school choruses sang together as the teachers also joined in for the perfect concluding song:"Ring the bells, ring the bells, let the whole world know; Christ was born in Bethlehem many years ago. Born to die that man might live, came to earth new life to give; born of Mary, born so low, many years ago."

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Keep Planning and Pray On

s-'19 fall festival"We were concerned about the rain, but little faith we had," said Angie Stout, office manager, after a successful day at the Fall Festival.

Our annual festival provides a fun day for all, especially when the weather cooperates, but this year's event caused the Faith family to pray for the Lord's provision in a greater way because of the rain. Even though the inflatable activities were cancelled and the indoor play took precedence, the older children still kept their scheduled dodgeball tournament games outdoors, and the school jail which adds to the entertainment of the afternoon, went on as usual.

With the juniors running the games, the seniors prepared for their Spooky Trail that would take place during the evening auction. In addition, the vendors set up in the gym, and the teachers busied themselves in the kitchen preparing the take-out orders. The entire campus was turned into a busy fair ground.  Just days before, we were all wondering if the activities of the day would even materialize.

On Monday, just four days before the auction, few items were turned into the school office. So with a plea to our parents and much prayer for the Lord to provide, not only did we end up with two-thirds more items than last year, but also the items earnings nearly hit $11,000 to add to the over $7000 from the BBQ sales. Mrs. Stout said, "The Lord provided the helpers through our parents and faithful staff, and everyone worked hard for things to run smoothly. The Lord blessed in an even greater way than the last couple of years."

What was an even greater blessing was the reconnection with friends, former classmates and former teachers who braved the elements to get together again and re-ignite friendships.  What started out as a dismal rainy day culminated with showers of blessings! 

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Ag Team Represents North Carolina in National Competition

s-'19 dairy national placementCongratulations to our Agricultural Science team, the Moorons, who placed 6th in the Nation at the National Dairy Quiz Bowl competition in Kentucky. 

An Earned Respect

s-'19 vet dayAnother big day on campus each year, Veterans Day means celebrating our heroes with a special time of recognition. The student body welcomed parents, grandparents and Sergeant Major Greg Williams with his wife, Navy Commander Meghan Williams, who shared Veterans Day Chapel with us again as last year.  Unlike Commander Williams' previous message and sharing of experiences from the capturing of Saddam Hussein, he read a heartfelt narrative of the American Flag's origin. He told of each color's significance and all that the flag represents. Sergeant Williams read, "I [the flag] stand guard over my nation's school ... I am displayed in every school yard. ....I am a symbol of their country. I symbolize their birthright, their heritage, their liberty purchased in blood..."

Sergeant Major Williams gave testimony of training which prepared him and other soldiers to always defend the flag. He remembered friends who gave all for their country and said, "I hate that I had friends who did not make it in Iraq and Afghanistan, but if they were here today they'd tell you, 'I died doing what I wanted to do.'" 

In addition to Sergeant Major Williams' message, Chris Joyce, an FCS grandparent, told of his experiences and of his need for a service dog at this point in his life, as he experiences some health difficulties.  It was interesting that the dog stood in front of Mr. Joyce, as if to protect him from any impending harm.

An opportunity for the students to perform, the elementary chorus as well as the middle and high school chorus groups sang. The handbell choir played a stirring rendition of The National Anthem. The Advanced Speech students also performed a recitation, reminding of the extreme sacrifice of ordinary but heroic people who were devoted to their country.

The celebratory service concluded as the students shook the military men and women's hands and thanked them for their sacrifices in making our nation free.  

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A Great Day in Every Way

s-csp 2019What an amazing, tiring, rewarding and, most of all, serving day we had! Thanks does not adequately express our gratitude towards our parents and friends who took their days off to "freely give" with our students in the community. You are the best, and we trust our Lord to reward you greatly!

We could not have asked for a better day to work outside. The student body completed 60 jobs and still had time to spruce up things on campus to complete their work hours. Our elementary students gave cards, smiles and hugs to the nursing home residents after completing their programs of music and Bible verses.

One FCS family has worked for the same elderly lady for the past several years.  After returning from their day of work, the dad expressed how his heart was truly blessed to serve the same lady again. While working, the student prayed with the lady that his family had grown to love. The lady's heart was blessed and said, "When I die I want you to come and pray at my funeral."  What a privilege to have been a part of this lady's life.

After completing a job in Franklinville, Mike Kidd, a school parent, and Parker Kidd, senior, were able to trim trees and cut up the limbs for a gentlemen in Ramseur who was overjoyed and grateful for the help. He later wrote: "I don't have enough words to thank these folks! This just goes to show that there is still love in our small town."

Without a doubt, our Lord gave us a beautiful day in every way, and we freely give Him the glory and praise for each job accomplished and each life touched. The question is, "Who received the greater blessing? The workers or those who worked?" 

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Out of This World

s-wilds 2019What an energizing start to the 2020 school year! A time to regain a Godward-focus, our middle and high school student body once again visited The Wilds Christian Camp and allowed God to spiritually ignite their desires for Him. While taking the mountain hikes to see the amazing waterfalls, walking the never-ending steps to enjoy a variety of exhilarating activities, the students made countless memories to share. But the most impacting moments remain in the hearts awakened by biblical truth, expounded through the "God & I Time" studies and the direct, truth-driven preaching morning and evening. No one could walk away unaffected by the clear teachings of God's Word and the emphasis on getting to know their God through a devoted study of His Word. 

A new student at FCS, Lexa Moser told how she was impacted by the messages: "The whole overline theme about the importance of God's Word, having devotions and staying dedicated helped me." 

An eye-opening sermon from 1 John demanded the students' attention. Being in the world, but not of the world continues to be a challenge for teenagers. So to hear Willie Partin expound the truth and give a clear picture of what it looks like led students to heed to the Holy Spirit's work in their lives. Two students were saved and several committed to change. The Lord never ceases to amaze us and remind us that He is still working and receiving the glory. 

As a senior and on his last Wilds Camp trip, Evan Dinsmore said, "This year was different as a senior. The messages helped remind me that it doesn't matter how old you are; you can lead. And, I appreciated the challenge to be a real leader." 

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The News of the Year

s-first days 2019The 2020 journey began on August 21 with nearly 260 students 3k through 12th grades. With the addition of the Beulah Baptist preschool, the Lord continues to bring us students and provide for His ministry. The Lord also blessed us with Mrs. Joetta Howard in the elementary and Mrs. Amy Smith in the computer lab, while Mrs. Carol Ann Cox stepped up to the Sixth Grade to help with middle school leadership.

Theming the year, Christ in You, our Hope decorates the entrance of the school as chosen by administrator Todd Daniel.  The middle and high school students have carried "God and I Time" from the Wilds into their Wednesday classroom routine. Special emphasis on leadership through personal time with the Lord each day continues to help the students learn what it looks like to be fully devoted to their God.

After nearly two months of school days and the Lord blessing with chapel speakers, the students welcomed Evangelist Kenny Baldwin for a special service about "Living in the Way." The students appreciated the boldness and energy of Mr. Baldwin. One said, "I liked Mr. Baldwin's passion for God, and he was so funny."

Entering into the fall months, the students will be serving their community through the Community Service Program soon and then celebrating the Fall Festival, which will be the last of the two major fundraisers of the school year. 

We continue to thank the Lord for our Faith family who prays for our students as the teachers labor in love to rear another generation of servant-leaders. 

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Raising Champions

We are proud of the Faith Christian School Holy Cows for their accomplishments in the North Carolina State 4H Dairy Quiz Bowl. Congratulations for bringing home First and Second Place in Junior Division and First Place in Senior Division. Also, congratulations to those who excelled in Skillathon!

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Not Just Another Show

s-peter pan 2019Another sophomore class took the stage, stole the show, won the audience and displayed great talent! The Sophomore Speech Class and the Advanced Speech Class joined forces for the first-time performance of Peter Pan and Wendy. The Thursday evening performance entertained  young and old, and the Faith tradition, known as the ATAP Dinner Theatre, brought a large crowd of family and friends with the supportive Faith family. Because the expectations continue to remain high due to the excellency of each year's performance, Mrs. Charissa Brunson and her mother, Sherri Hohneisen, sacrificially give their all to produce the best performance possible in every way for a small stage production.

Watching the students grow each year to develop both speech and acting skills is a joy to the teachers who patiently train their students to become their best for God's glory. Sophomore Cameron Smith and so many other sophomores said, "We thank Mrs. Brunson and Mrs. H. for sticking with our class. We could not have done any of this without them." 

The play portrayed the book's plot, a little different than the Disney production. From pirates and mermaids in Neverland, to the Darling family with big sister, Wendy, as their Neverland mother, and  Peter Pan followed around by Tinkerbell, the students became their characters for a fun, heartwarming, imaginative performance. The class enjoyed their opportunity to portray so much of what they had learned so well. Brittney Redding said, "The most exciting moments were when we got the great reaction out of the crowd. It made everybody feel good about their characters."

With a large supportive group of workers, the benefits of the endeavor yielded positive results. The sophomores believed they improved in their speaking skills and their acting; their class grew closer together while the school family enjoyed the product of such hard work. The ATAP Play (All Things Are Possible) gave an opportunity to thank those donors who faithfully give to the school, and it also provided a small fundraising event. The Lord blessed with a large audience and two well-done performances. 

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