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FCS Students Do Well In NCCSA Academic Competition

Students participated in the North Carolina Christian School Academic Competitions for the 2024 year.  Winners include the following: Senior High Accounting 1st Place-Jaden Scott; Algebra 2/Geometry 3rd Place-Taylor Singleterry; Chemistry 1st Place-Isabelle Nance, 2nd-Taylor Singleterry; O.T. Bible Knowledge Proverbs-Brandon Avelino; Junior High General Math 1st-Larsen Moser; Six Grade Math 3rd-Misha Lockamy; Journalism: Senior High Essay 1st-Isabelle Nance; Poetry 1st-Taylor Singleterry; Short Story 2nd-Addison Pike; Elementary Poetry 2nd-Allie Hayes; Art: Senior High Acrylic Painting 2nd-Hailey Hunter. 

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