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Growing in favor with man alludes to the social aspect of the life of our Lord. Jesus grew in favor with man. Jesus had many friends and participated in many social events such as weddings, banquets, and funerals. At Faith Christian School, we believe that developing social skills is a high priority. Students are continually reminded that trust and respect are the foundations for all successful relationships. Students not only need to learn to trust others, but they must show themselves to be trustworthy. Students are taught to respect their parents and other God-given authorities. They are also taught to respect each other as people formed in the very image of God. Students have many opportunities to work together on projects, plays, programs, and activities in order to accomplish goals, build friendships, and make memories.

Community Service Program

Everything from cleaning inside and outside of houses and nursing homes, serving at community centers, the student body and parents eagerly served God and others in the community in early November 2021. One students said, "CSP is a day of caring for others, and by having a willing and Christlike spirit, we can leave an impact on someone that could change his/her life!"


CSP stands for Community Service Program. The CSP is the primary fundraiser for Faith Christian School and is based on the classical “thon” concept, ie: Jog-a-thon or Walk-a-thon.  What sets the Community Service Program apart from the other “thons” is that instead of our students soliciting donations for jogging or walking, they raise money for the purpose of giving five hours serving those in need in Randolph and surrounding counties. This service is rendered to those served at no cost. 

Why is there a need for fundraisers?

The annual operating budget for FCS is over one million dollars. Student tuition covers only 65% of the annual expenses. The remaining 35% of the funds needed each year comes primarily from donations and fundraising. Instead of engaging in a wide number of fundraising possibilities, such as candy or cookie dough sales, the school has one large school wide fundraiser – the CSP.

How does the CSP operate?:

  1. The CSP organizers are busy, almost year round, lining up projects with service organizations such as HOSPICE, area nursing homes, federal housing developments and many folks who are in need help around their homes.

  2. FCS partners with a nonprofit fundraising software company, Dojiggy, to help school families obtain sponsors to help us meeting our fundraising goals.

  3. On our CSP workday, the entire faculty and staff will mobilize and go out into the community to perform community service. Classes from Grade 4 and below will be visiting the various nursing homes in the county. Students in grades 5 thru 12 will be organized into teams of four students and sent out to work under the supervision of an adult volunteer. Each year, the teams complete approximately 50 community projects.

What type of work is done on CSP day?

Our students paint, rakes leaves, clean houses, wash windows, make minor repairs, visit nursing homes, perform programs and just about anything else they are asked to do. CSP Day is truly a special day. Most of our students are very blessed materially, and the CSP Day gives them a chance to minister to others in need. They have opportunity to serve and experience the appreciation expressed by those served.

How can people help with the CSP program?

The key word is, VOLUNTEER. CSP needs include: helping with mailings, providing transportation, supervising a work group and much more. We encourage everyone that can to help and make the CSP program a success.

Fall Festival

Making the Right Changes

When our God wills, He makes a way! He surely did that for us to have a Fall Festival with an auction in the midst of a pandemic. Even with faculty, staff and administration pulling double duties to keep the environment safe for school, the group came together to make the annual Fall Festival possible. While administration and kitchen staff pulled together the needs for the take-out barbeque plates, Pastor Gary Moger devised the plan for the online auction and craft fair. He also devised the means of carrying out the plan. With everything in place, the faculty and staff met together on November 20 to fill the needs and provide the anticipated festival for the community.

In looking at the differences of a virtual and takeout event, Pastor Gary Moger reflected on the changes from past years and said, "The pandemic prevented our family and friends from coming into the campus. The Fall Festival is a huge Faith family, community event with many friends and alumni coming back to visit."

Even though the effort initially seemed like a great challenge, God's provision through the prayers of His people made the day a great success. Pastor Moger said, "I was overwhelmed by how many people supported our online effort. Even though we could not be together in-person, we made about the same amount of money. That was amazing! We actually sold more BBQ than normal."

In addition, the festival also proved to be a refreshing time for the faculty and staff to step out of the norms of a school day and enjoy time with one another as friends and not just co-workers.

As the mind and hand behind the event, Pastor Gary Moger said, "As always, the faculty and staff worked great together and worked very hard. It is a blessing to work with such a great team."

Field Day

Friendly Competition

Field day is an exciting tradition for elementary school kids K-5 through Fifth Grade. This year's activities included races, water balloon tosses, bouncy houses and not to forget the Fifth Grade class getting pied in the face. While the blue team celebrated their victory on Field Day, it was a fantastic way for all the students to end their school year.  

Spring Service Day

To be in the presence of those in our community who lead grows respect with our young people. Every year in the last days of October, the student body takes a day of school to learn by serving the community. So to continue in the paths of servant-leadership, an afternoon service day in the month of May gave honor to several community heroes.

Beginning the afternoon, campus-wide cleanup left a short school day as everyone prepared for the end of year and our 50th anniversary to be celebrated next school year. However, it was the wrapup to our day the students most remembered. A special chapel service honored our community's service workers - firemen, police officers, healthcare workers, and military officers. Highway patrolman, Ken Burroughs spoke and reminded the students that just like service workers while on duty hear the "calls" from needy people, our God hears our calls, and He calls us to Himself that we may serve Him all our days.

In addition, the Faith family and guests enjoyed special music from the Gaines family and the elementary ensemble.  The service closed with a big thank you as each student and teacher took time to shake hands and thank each guest who attended.

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