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Welcome to the Alumni Page

The Alumni of any school is the record of that school. They are the history of that school, and they are the future of that school. Over the years, Faith has tried to keep in touch with its alumni. We have hosted a Homecoming basketball game every year from just about the beginning. We have spotlighted alumni in our newsletters, organized alumni golf tournaments and a big motivation for our Fall Festival is to call our alumni and their parents back to the campus. We have also found that a significant part of our student body is comprised of children of alumni. We have even started to recognize our second-generation graduates and recently had our first third-generation graduate. Needless to say, the Alumni at FCS are very, very important to the school.

The administration is constantly looking for ways to keep connected with the alumni. That is why, when the school decided to bear the expense of developing a totally free smartphone app to give the parents full access to all their children's school activities they included an ALUMNI section, along with EVENTS and NEWS. This app is free and is available through the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store.

We are presently developing the ALUMNI Page (which is also on our website). The sections we are working on are: ALUMNI NEWS, ALUMNI MESSAGES, and CLASS ROSTERS & REUNION INFORMATION. It is our prayer that all of Faith's alumni will stay in touch and that this app can help facilitate that goal.

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