Chapel Days

Shortened morning classes on Thursdays enable an hour to be carved out for high school chapel which is held each week. This is an opportunity for many area pastors and, occasionally, a former student or missionary to come and challenge FCS students in their walk with God. Elementary students come to chapel on Fridays. Many times different classes prepare a short program for chapel.

Exemplary Service

What better way to spend our Veterans Day than in school honoring our hometown heroes! Elementary students sang the different military branches' songs, the middle school and high school groups each sang of our God's blessing on our nation, and the Echoes of Faith handbell choir played "My Country 'Tis of Thee." 

Along with parents, grandparents and friends of Faith, Sergeant Major Greg Williams and his wife, Navy Commander Meghan Williams, attended our service and spoke to the student body about their service and missions. Navy Commander Williams kept a captive audience, telling of her presence on the ship with the crew responsible for burying Osama Bin Laden at sea while Sergeant Major  Williams spoke of his experience with the crew who captured Saddam Hussein. 

Most of all, the couple reminded the students of our commission as a good soldier of Jesus Christ - servant-leadership, respecting others as better than ourselves, standing for what is right, and faithfully reading God's Word. All of this emphasized enduring the difficulties of this life as a godly soldier just as a military soldier who perseveres in battle. 

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