s-field day

What a Day!

s-field day2Relay races, competitive tug-of-war, team effort and loud cheers - all bring back the memories made at Field Day! Everyone is active on this grand and awaited day of the year. All morning the students in grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade contributed to their teams' success. Administrators Todd Daniel and Phyllis Frye coordinated the day and kept things rolling. From their morning of inside competition, a pizza lunch in the classroom, to the annual afternoon Zonk game when the students choose colored circles on a board to reveal an additional amount of points for their teams or to be awarded the unwanted ZONK with no points given, the day was so much fun!

As the afternoon continued, next came Mr. Daniel's famous skits where the students often become the victims of his comedy - water dousing and this year, egg smashing! What good sports all the students were! 

Each field day is not complete until the Fifth Grade has their musical pie-in-the-face game. We like to call this their “initiation ceremony” into middle school.

After the events of another fun and exhausting field day, Mr. Daniel said, “This is a fun day for all of us. The children enjoy being with one another, and we teachers enjoy playing with the children too.”

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