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Making the Right Changes

When our God wills, He makes a way! He surely did that for us to have a Fall Festival with an auction in the midst of a pandemic. Even with faculty, staff and administration pulling double duties to keep the environment safe for school, the group came together to make the annual Fall Festival possible. While administration and kitchen staff pulled together the needs for the take-out barbeque plates, Pastor Gary Moger devised the plan for the online auction and craft fair. He also devised the means of carrying out the plan. With everything in place, the faculty and staff met together on November 20 to fill the needs and provide the anticipated festival for the community.

In looking at the differences of a virtual and takeout event, Pastor Gary Moger reflected on the changes from past years and said, "The pandemic prevented our family and friends from coming into the campus. The Fall Festival is a huge Faith family, community event with many friends and alumni coming back to visit."

Even though the effort initially seemed like a great challenge, God's provision through the prayers of His people made the day a great success. Pastor Moger said, "I was overwhelmed by how many people supported our online effort. Even though we could not be together in-person, we made about the same amount of money. That was amazing! We actually sold more BBQ than normal."

In addition, the festival also proved to be a refreshing time for the faculty and staff to step out of the norms of a school day and enjoy time with one another as friends and not just co-workers.

As the mind and hand behind the event, Pastor Gary Moger said, "As always, the faculty and staff worked great together and worked very hard. It is a blessing to work with such a great team."

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