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Loving Our School Family

s-vday fun Thank you, school family, for all the support of our Valentine's Day celebration! A record amount of money was raised to feed Dominican villages! Our Seniors had been working all week and arrived before 5 a.m. to begin filling orders. Thanks to Mrs. Sherri Hohneisen's continual vision and diligent work, the balloons, cake balls, candy, cookies and stuffed animals were all over the school building and in the proper classrooms first thing to begin the school day. We thank the school family for making this happen as well. If it were not for their generosity and support, their would be no orders to fill. The Ag Class, led by Ms. Marjie Grubb, even sold over $400 worth of dog biscuits to add to the fundraising totals.

After lunch the entertainment from our Advanced Speech Class sparked the excitement with a play clip on a Love Magnet or a car the guys used in "looking for ladies." The student audience loved it and rolled in laughter! 

Singing Valentines kept the "oohs and ahhs" stirred as the girls and boys were called to the stage for song dedications purchased by friends, parents and by some pranksters who paid the $4 for a good laugh. Dating game questions for high school couples kept the audience engaged and cheering on those who competed for the top scores. 

Needless to say, we had a great day raising money for the Seniors' opportunity to love on the Dominican people. 

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Our Lord Makes a Way

s-online school articleJust as our spring break came to its close and the seniors returned from ministry work in the Dominican Republic, the COVID-19 pandemic became a societal dilemma. It seemed as if the world was going into hibernation and the quarantine was putting a halt to all outside contacts. How would FCS continue to educate the students for another 10 weeks? As proven true time and again, God made a way. It did not take long for His sovereignty to reveal itself in the midst of such a puzzling challenge that our world saw as a crisis. High school teacher Gary Jones and Pastor Gary Moger got on the task quickly and spent days investigating a program the school had been granted several years ago through Microsoft. Having not yet uncovered the capacity of this God-sent gift to FCS, the men discovered our needs were met with little expense compared to what so many educational facilities would be required to afford. There it was all the time, right at our fingertips and providing the means of team communication, videos, class meetings, assignment attachments, test making, grading, and all that we needed apart from seeing our students face-to-face in a classroom.

Nothing replaces the presence and care of a  teacher in the classroom by his/her students, but we  endeavored, with the Lord's help, to do our best to complete a school year with an ironically historical ending. Never had the students or teachers experienced such a year that would make the history books, and the students would be able to bear witness of how they made it through a pandemic crisis.

Administrator Todd Daniel joined the forces by bringing together the team of teachers to take on the challenge, and the technology men made sure all knew how to serve their students the best that we could. Even with the challenges to both the teachers and the students, God enabled a finale, and the students wrapped up the school year by the third week of May.

While student polls showed that the students preferred to be in school, they have learned to appreciate the help and support of their teachers in the classroom, and especially, all  the teachers, look forward to the 2021 school year. We prayerfully hope for a more normal year, realizing that what was once normal may be a thing of the past. The stabilizing truth reminded by Mr. Daniel through the challenging days was that God was not taken by surprise, and He is still in control. 

We continue to praise and thank God for being our Provider, our Sustainer, our Rock in whom we are anchored. 

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Come On, Ring Those Bells!

s-christmas program 2019Bells ringing and children singing made a merry night of Christmas celebration! The Kindergarten and First Grade classes began the annual Christmas Concert with songs of Jesus' birth. The Elementary chorus followed by singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas," and the Middle School chorus beautifully added Dottie Rambo's "I Call Him Lord" with a Christmas favorite, "Sleigh Ride." Truly capturing the sounds of the season, the Echoes of Faith handbell choir played several songs such as "Silver Bells" and "Joy to the World." 

Including all the elementary students in some way during the evening, the Second Graders sang but also played their recorders for a first-time performance, and the Elementary Ensemble continued the bell emphasis, lifting praise to the Christ of Christmas.

A perfect time for the students to display their musical talents, Zack Hughes gracefully played "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" and "Mary, Did You Know?" Other students showcased their musical talents - Jacob Avelino at the piano, Karrie Gaines with the violin, and Katie Gaines on the guitar. Leanna Tally lead "Breath of Heaven" with her solo part while the Echoes of Faith Ensemble sang several songs to cap off an evening of Christ-exalting music.

A solemn reminder of how our Savior is "Worthy of Worship," the Advanced Speech Class performed a skit picturing many homes of Christians this time of year--rushed and occupied with Christmas program practices, shopping, meetings and so many good things that can become our focus in the hustle of the season. The dialogue reminded that even God-honoring things can become idols when they get our eyes off the One we are to worship.

To end on a final note of praise, the elementary, middle and high school choruses sang together as the teachers also joined in for the perfect concluding song:"Ring the bells, ring the bells, let the whole world know; Christ was born in Bethlehem many years ago. Born to die that man might live, came to earth new life to give; born of Mary, born so low, many years ago."

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