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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

  • Instruction in the Word of God is a vital part of Faith Christian School.

  • Faith seeks to reinforce the same Biblical values that are being taught at the home and church of our students.

  • We believe in Biblical discipleship in every area of school whether in the classroom, sports, or any other part of the school day.

  • Students are taught the Word of God daily in Bible class.

  • Biblical discipleship is reinforced in God and I times, chapels, spiritual emphasis weeks and senior mission trip.

  • God changes lives through His Word.

  • Academics prepare the mind for further education/training. The Bible equips the heart for living the life God’s way and for service.

Words of Wisdom from our Bible teachers

  • Preschool Director Megan Coats- “The Word of God is just as much alive now as it was when first written. Our world is starving for the life that only God can give through the revelation of His Word. Preschoolers love it when stories come to life right before their eyes with even the simplest acts of illustrations. May we fan the flame for the love God’s Word from the very beginning of our children’s lives.”

  • First Grade teacher Joetta Howard– “In First Grade Bible, we focus on fostering Christ-like character traits through verse memorization and scripture readings. The children grow in their knowledge and love of who God is as they walk through the Bible learning about exciting accounts such as creation, David, King Josiah, and the birth, life, death and resurrection of our Savior. The students learn how to apply God’s Word to their own lives and enjoy God’s gift of love.”

  • Middle School Boy’s Bible teacher Todd Nance - “The Middle School years are among some of the most difficult years in a young person’s life. The need for a solid biblical foundation is instrumental in helping students learn to make Godly decisions, find their identity in Christ instead of their circumstances and develop a love for God’s Word that will last a lifetime. “

  • Girls' 7th-10thBible teacher Lydia Daniel – “My desire for our young ladies is that they grow to know their God so well that they will love and trust Him with all their hearts. I pray that they will fall in love with His Word because it will be their resource and rescue for a life well spent.”

  • High School Bible teacher Bruce McLanahan – “The Bible is taught to every student at FCS because it is God’s truth. It is inspired by God to show a person how to be saved and how to live a Christian life in the image of God. Bible class gives you a biblical world view so you can see the world through the lens of Scripture. Bible class gives you a foundation so you can learn to live your life according to God’s plan.”

Chapel Days

Shortened morning classes on Thursdays each week enable an hour to be carved out for middle/high school chapel. This is an opportunity for many area pastors and, occasionally, alumni or missionaries to come and challenge FCS students in their walk with God.  Elementary students have chapel on Fridays.

  • Chapel puts a premium on the preaching of God’s Word.

  • FCS encourages student-led chapels.

  • We love Veterans Day chapel which allows us to honor our heroes with a special time of recognition. Most veterans are parents and grandparents. FCS isunapologetically patriotic!

  • One of our favorite chapels is Grandparents Day.

  • Alumni Chapel allows for a roundtable discussion by alumni of what God has done in their lives.

  • Chapels can be used for special spiritual emphasis to start the year, emphasizing purity, missions, and other areas of need.

The Wilds Camp

With great testimonies of God's work in the lives of the middle and high school students, the spiritual revival continued into The Wilds trip the first week of September. The Lord used Travis Shelton, youth pastor of Beulah Baptist, in the opening chapels of the school year, and the Lord continued the work as the students were challenged to walk closely with their Lord through Bible study instruction on their Wilds trip. Faith has been attending spiritual emphasis week at the Wilds Christian Camp in Rosman, NC for the last 30 years.

Encounter Revival Ministries

Since the early 1990’s, Encounter Revival Ministries has come to Faith Christian School for a week of spiritual emphasis with all our grades. The team will minister in a lot of different ways to our students. ERM loves to sing and perform music that honors the Lord. They will break out in small groups to discuss the Word of God with our students. They use speech dramas to help reinforce the message for the week. As always, the teaching of God’s Word is the most important part of the week. ERM will have special chapels for the preschool and elementary to teach them the Word of God. ERM use puppets and other types of ministries to bring Bible teaching to the minds of young children.

A Few of the Things We Learned under the influence of the ERM Team:

  • "If you do not get rid of an invisible giant fast, then it will start to control your life. But with God's help, you can overcome it."

  • "I have learned that being a good friend is more than just being there for someone. Sometimes you may have to tell them things that will make them upset but will be better for them in the long run."

  • "This day helped me realize that I do stumble, but I have to be in God's Word so that I stumble less. The more time I spend with Him, the less I struggle."

  • "I really think God has been pushing this in my life and speaking to me about being more committed and better with my devotions."

  • "This day really helped me. I have not forgotten the drama about the guy hiding under the blanket. He was too scared to tell the life-changing news he had because someone might look at him funny. God helped me realize that we have this free gift of salvation that can save lives, but we are to afraid to share it."

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