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Major Activities

Growing in favor with man alludes to the social aspect of the life of our Lord. Jesus grew in favor with man. Jesus had many friends and participated in many social events such as weddings, banquets, and funerals. At Faith Christian School, we believe that developing social skills is a high priority. Students are continually reminded that trust and respect are the foundations for all successful relationships. Students not only need to learn to trust others, but they must show themselves to be trustworthy. Students are taught to respect their parents and other God-given authorities. They are also taught to respect each other as people formed in the very image of God. Students have many opportunities to work together on projects, plays, programs, and activities in order to accomplish goals, build friendships, and make memories.

Each year, FCS has two major activities that help in the development of the social area – Community Service Program and our Fall Festival

Community Service Program


CSP stands for Community Service Program. The student body and parents eagerly serve God and others in the community in late October or early November every year at no charge. The purpose of the CSP day is to teach students to serve others as Christ served. CSP jobs consist of everything from

  • Cleaning inside and outside of houses of those in need

  • Rake yards

  • Paint

  • Visiting nursing homes and perform programs to encourage the elderly

  • Serving at community centers

  • Volunteering at non-profits

  • Serving the elderly and disabled

  • And a bunch of other miscellaneous jobs in the community

One student said, "CSP is a day of caring for others, and by having a willing and Christlike spirit, we can leave an impact on someone that could change his/her life!"

The CSP organizers are busy, almost year round, lining up projects with service organizations such as HOSPICE, area nursing homes, federal housing developments and many folks who are in need help around their homes.

On our CSP workday, the entire faculty and staff will mobilize and go out into the community to perform community service. Classes from Grade 4 and below will be visiting the various nursing homes in the county. Students in grades 5 thru 12 will be organized into teams of four students and sent out to work under the supervision of an adult volunteer. Each year, the teams complete approximately 50 community projects.

CSP Day is truly a special day. Most of our students are very blessed materially, and the CSP Day gives them a chance to minister to others in need. They have opportunity to serve and experience the appreciation expressed by those served.

Fall Festival

Faith Christian School for the last 40 years has had their annual Fall Festival on the Friday before Thanksgiving. Fall Festival draws generations of the FCS family to the campus in numbers that approach about 1,000 people.  The main event for the day is the BBQ meals that are served at lunch and supper. The night before over 2,000 pounds of pork are cooked by grandparents, alumni and even some students hang around for the all night cooking. On Fall Festival day, the BBQ is served on plates with hushpuppies, slaw, pinto beans, BBQ sauce, hushpuppies and dessert. Around 3:30, things get really busy with

  • Games organized by the Junior and Senior classes

  • Inflatables for the family to enjoy

  • Activities in the school

  • Vendors selling their products

  • Auction of items donated to the school

  • Spooky trail performed by the Senior Class

  • Not to mention a lot of fellowship of generations of the FCS family

“Fall Festival is definitely my favorite day of the year because of all the food, fun and fellowship.” Commented one of our Faith Family.

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