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The Everetts

Ministering to the deaf children of Mexico

Ed and Margaret Everett, the founders of Rancho Sordo Mundo,  believed that deaf children could be taught how to read and write, to communicate in sign language, and to learn a trade for their future. More importantly, the goal of the ministry is to teach the children of God's love for them and give them a hope and future.


This has been the work of the ranch for over 47 years.  Faith Baptist has supported this ministry since the beginning.  With more opportunities for the deaf in Mexico, the ministry is transitioning to focus on supporting and helping other deaf ministries throughout Mexico. 


Rancho Sordo Mudo

c/o Luke Everett

Aptdo #1468

Ensenada, B.C. MEXICO

Mission Board:

Berea Baptist Mission

Rancho Sordo Mundo

P.O. Box 1376

Chula Visa, CA  91912


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