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The Atkinsons

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Jesse and Erin Atkinson are linguist-translators preparing to serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Oaxaca, Mexico! Jesse grew up in Franklinville and attended Faith Christian School from preschool to high school graduation. Erin grew up in southeast Greensboro and previously served in Oaxaca for several years before meeting Jesse at a linguistics program in North Dakota. They since have gotten married, finished their training in linguistics (SIL-UND) and in theology (RTS-O), and had their first child, Samuel, in December of 2020! Because of coronavirus restrictions, they will be serving on remote assignment at a Wycliffe center in Arizona until such a time as they are able to go to Mexico and begin working in one of the 300+ indigenous language communities there. You can view their Wycliffe ministry page here:


Jesse & Erin Atkinson (send letters ONLY-no packages)


Ninos Heroes 22

Mitla, Oaxaca 70430 


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