Teaching Ministry

One of our most anticipated weeks of the year comes and goes way too quickly. Our week with Encounter Revival Ministries, a group of college-aged students who minister in song, drama, and teaching, leaves such an impact on our students that some even choose to become a part of the team for one to two years before entering college. Brother Ardy Parlin has led the ministry for over 25 years, and our school decided to recognize him and his wife, Jean, for their faithfulness to our school as we celebrate our 50 years in 2018. The ministry was awarded with a plaque as one of three ministries which has greatly influenced FCS students. One current member, Jonah Boyd, graduated FCS in 2016 and joined the team that fall. She testifies to the change in her life because of ERM and said, "Being on the team has challenged me to be a servant. I have realized that I do not want to waste my life thinking about and just serving myself. My mission is to show the love of Christ to every person I come in contact with."

The team spent their week encouraging and challenging the students through preaching as well as small group teaching sessions and God-honoring music often accompanied by sign language. Drama has become a great instrument they use for ministry, such as the story of Naaman.

Having enjoyed her time back at FCS in early March, Boyd said, "I enjoyed the excitement of the kids and teens. It's not always like that on the road, and it's encouraging to see them participating."

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