Follow, Lead, Impact

Leaving an example worthy of following, Encounter Revival Ministries left their mark on the student body as they spent a week ministering to the preschool all the way through the high school. Meeting sometimes three to four times a day in order to cover the different age groups, the Encounter members fervently shared their testimonies of how God is working in their lives and changing them to be more like Jesus. 

Their impact is never small as they have ministered to students for 27 years. Due to Ardy and Jean Parlin's inability to travel with their ministry team this year, the Parlin's son-in-law, Jimmy Van Dyke, spoke to the students on lessons learned from the life of Jonah. In addition, the Encounter team beautifully sang and signed music throughout the week, shared skits of typical life situations to reinforce Biblical principles for daily living and spent time talking through Biblical truth with the students in small groups.

The students enjoy the personal time of Impact groups with the group of young adults who zealously share what the Lord is teaching them through His Word. One student said, "We could ask questions in small groups, and I appreciated how the team would tell how the Lord had helped them overcome challenges in life."

Over the years, our students have graduated and spent a year or two on the Encounter team before going to college. The Lord has greatly used the ministry of ERM to help our alumni develop a closer walk with the Lord, see life as ministry and live for the glory of God. 

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