Faith Christian School

site_design/school_close-up_-_thumb.jpgWelcome to the website of Faith Christian School in Ramseur, North Carolina. We are a conservative, traditional private Christian School operating in central North Carolina. With a student body of 270+ students in grades 3K thru 12 and over forty years of experience, we offer a full, high quality academic experience that centers around God's Word and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to glorify God with our work. Our mission is to educate and train servant leaders for the kingdom of God. We invite you to explore our website. If you have any questions, please contact us through e-mail or by phone - 336-824-4156. Click here to view the promotional video for Faith Christian School.

Our website is organized after a verse of scripture that describes the growth and development of Jesus - Luke 2:52.  Here the scriptures say that Jesus remained under the authority of His parents and continued to grow in "wisdom" (academics), "stature" (physical), "in favor with God" (spiritual) "and in favor with man (social)."  Simply discern which area of information you wish to explore, click on that area in the navigation bar to the left and you should find your information under that category.  We have made a special link for current "School News" and "School Events."  May God continue to bless you.