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In His Time

s-the wilds 2020In lieu of the times in which we are living, the faculty spent much time praying over the decision to go to The Wilds Christian Camp. Having been our school-opening spiritual emphasis week of the year, the decision did not come easy due to the coronavirus. The decision was made for the tenth through twelfth grades to go without the other middle and high school grades. With extra transportation for extra space, the continual wear of face masks, carrying along our air purifiers, and plenty of hand sanitizer, the classes loaded the vans and headed out for a week that would make the memory books.  

Junior Vandie Greene marked this trip as one of her favorite. She said, "I had many impacting moments, including when we gathered around the fire, and we all started talking about what God had done in our lives. Having been to The Wilds for several years, I have never experienced something quite like this here. Teenagers, including my own classmates, were confessing and making promises to God and just discussing everything we were dealing with. We felt a real closeness to each other as we shared and had smores."

With social distancing, worship services continued as the students were taught the importance of dealing with their sin and keeping a close relationship with the Lord. Break out sessions included the basics of inductive Bible study in which the students later commented on how helpful the instructions were for them. They realized that getting into God's Word would be the tool for true biblical change in their lives as they held each other accountable. 

Fun times were no less and maybe even more as the students embraced the opportunities for hiking to the Falls, braving the Summit obstacle course together, flying the sky on the giant swing, and riding the current tubing down the river.  But that's not all, since their were only three grades present at the lake, whole classes got more involved to see who could manage the tube slide and tread the lake water to make it to the dock. A few boys and one teacher managed to tread the water top in their tubes all the way to the dock for the jump towers. Paddle boats, canoes and the blob were busy activities as the entire group participated and enjoyed the time with their classmates. 

Senior Toni Perez will not soon forget her last student trip to The Wilds and said, "It was amazing! I feel like we all grew a lot spiritually. It was exciting to learn a new way to better understand the Bible instead of just struggling through it. And who can forget Willy using the giant airhorn to wake Avery up during fun time entertainment!"

The trip, having been prayed through even more so than usual, proved to be the pinnacle for our school opening in 2020, and the Lord continued to bless our student body. Even the students were thankful to be at school!


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