s-spring service day

Serve God, Serve Others

To be in the presence of those in our community who lead grows respect with our young people. Every year in the last days of October, the student body takes a day of school to learn by serving the community. So to continue in the paths of servant-leadership, an afternoon service day in the month of May gave honor to several community heroes.

Beginning the afternoon, campus-wide cleanup left a short school day as everyone prepared for the end of year and our 50th anniversary to be celebrated next school year. However, it was the wrapup to our day the students most remembered. A special chapel service honored our community's service workers - firemen, police officers, healthcare workers, and military officers. Highway patrolman, Ken Burroughs spoke and reminded the students that just like service workers while on duty hear the "calls" from needy people, our God hears our calls, and He calls us to Himself that we may serve Him all our days.

In addition, the Faith family and guests enjoyed special music from the Gaines family and the elementary ensemble.  The service closed with a big thank you as each student and teacher took time to shake hands and thank each guest who attended.

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