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Kentucky Bound

s-ag nationals 2019Time to hit the road! After winning first place in the North Carolina State Dairy Quiz Bowl Competition, the "Moorons" FCS senior-level, Ag Science Team traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to compete on a national level. The team, consisting of Andrew Harris, Austin Leonard, Shyanne Polito and Jacob Avelino, along with Leanna Tally, went on a six-day adventure and made memories that will last their lifetimes.

As well as the competition, the group attended events and visited interesting places such as The Ark, Louisville Slugger, the Kentucky Derby, and they even went go-karting. Avelino recalled his experience and said, "The go-kart race was fun, and I would've won too, if Ms. Grubb hadn't cut me off and let Austin and Shyanne pass me and win."

When the team woke early that first Saturday morning, they prepared for what they all had practiced for ever since they started their journey in Ag Class. After a long day of rigorous competition, the North Carolina team placed sixth in the nation, one of the highest rankings our state has placed.

Polito said, "Overall, the competition went really well from my perspective. A great moment for me was our win against Alabama; it really helped boost our confidence and gave us the momentum to do well in the following rounds."

That evening the team attended a banquet with all the other state competitors. The top placing teams were recognized in front of all the teams and coaches. The Moorons were rewarded with a milk glass that had "NAILE," which stands for "North American International Livestock Expo," written across it.

When asked what his favorite part of the trip was, Andrew Harris exclaimed, "The whole thing! Getting to hang out and have fun with my team was great!"

In the end the Moorons had the trip of a lifetime, and they are now coaching their own teams to compete in the State competition and one day go on their own trip to Kentucky. "All I have to say is this, I couldn't have picked a better bunch of Moorons to go with," said Austin Leonard.

When asked about her thoughts on the trip, agricultural science teacher and coach Marjie Grubb said, "We ended sixth, and North Carolina has had a tendency of not placing in the top 10. We placed third in 2015, the highest ever. It was the trip of a lifetime. It was such an honor to be there. We represented Faith and North Carolina in the dairy industry. North Carolina State is recognizing the amount of work it takes to be a competitive team. It takes academics and dedication. The kids were dedicated and met in the summer to put in the contact hours."

Journalism Staff Writers 2020

Another Idea

s- senior dayIt had been three weeks since I had been on Faith Christian’s campus. As my mom and I were pulling up to the school, we saw all my friends and teachers gathered around with gifts to honor the Seniors. After the COVID-19 outbreak, it put a bummer on our senior year - no spring sports and prom and graduation all delayed. All these things we had looked forward to at the end of high school were cancelled or delayed because of the virus. To help with this, our teachers had an idea to honor the seniors when we went to school to pick up our caps and gowns. When we pulled in the school that day, I was greeted by my friends, and we kept our distance. We were soon given treat bags and our caps and gowns. Our teachers had put in a special effort to bake us desserts or buy us small things, most of them accompanied with a note of encouragement. We even had special yard signs that said, “2020 Graduate of Faith Christian School.” We received our presents and had our pictures made individually.

As my mom and I drove home, I had many thoughts going through my head, many of which were sad, about the things we will miss this year but also the crazy way we have adjusted to this pandemic. The way our world can be stopped in a few days is something I never thought I would see. Although it may be a disappointing time, I am thankful for how the school has responded and that I am a part of the Faith family, which allows us seniors to have such a special day and still eventually have our graduation and Junior-Senior banquet.

By Christin Stein, senior 2020

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Focusing on Him

s-senior nightA night of spotlight for our seniors, the basketball games ended with great wins against Hilltop and were followed by what we call Senior Night. The Senior Class decorated the stage and each met his/her parents with hugs to celebrate a beautiful night. The focus was God-given attributes and exemplary behaviors observed and voted by the high school student body.

The evening became precious moments to parents for whom the students had prerecorded letters of thanksgiving for all their parents’ love and sacrifices. In addition, the students gave testimonies of salvation and spoke of their desires and God-given strengths in which He can use them as they soon graduate from high school.

A video presentation included childhood pictures all the way through school and to the present which reminded the students of their good times and school days together. But to end this very special memory of their senior year, Gary Jones, teacher, prayed over the seniors and their parents as he recalled the Lord’s work in their lives and His desires to bless them as they seek to honor Him with their lives.

Photo credits, Sarah Workman

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Serving Abroad

s-matt herbster chapelNot the usual yearly encounter, the middle and high students sat under the preaching of Matt Herbster for a morning chapel service. After receiving the call to missions in Hong Kong, the Herbster family recently left The Wilds Camp and continues on deputation in hopes of leaving for Hong Kong later this year.

Because of Herbster's over 20-year impact on FCS students, the administration and the middle and high school student body rallied to quickly raise funds through a pizza roll lunch and snack to give the Herbster family a gift to aid in traveling or setting up their home in Hong Kong.

The student body gratefully received Mr. Herbster and was blessed by his message on Psalm 119 concerning hating sin and valuing God's Word. He left the student body with two truths to never forget: Be faithful in God's Word as He will continue to grow a greater desire for it, and be convinced that God will give you grace to become more like Him. 

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Science Explorations

Throughout the school year, the high school science classes have completed lab assignments to enhance their understanding of anatomy, biology and chemistry. Bill Hohneisen's Anatomy Class recently dissected the cow's eye and heart when they studied the peripheral nervous system and senses, as well as the blood and blood vessels. To give better understanding, Dr. Mark Roberts visited the class and taught on the eye.

Concerning the cow's eye dissection, Mr. Hohneisen said, "The students are always fascinated. The fovea is interesting to them, and they get a better understanding of it and how it works." 

In Biology Class the students recently studied invertebrates. They dissected earthworms and a cray fish in which they examined both the external and internal structures. Mr. Hohneisen said, "The class was fascinated over the teeth in the cray fish's stomach which functions to grind its food."  

In Mr. Gary Jones' Chemistry Class, recent studies have included density as the class learned how to measure the density of various solids and liquids in their lab experiments. Mr. Jones said, "The benefit of labs is from paper to hands on. A lot of time the students can do it on paper, but they do not understand how that translates into the physical world until they actually do it." 

Having taught maths and sciences for 50 years, Mr. Hohneisen agreed, "Hands on gives them a truer picture of what we study."

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