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Putting on the Show

s-k5 gradIn gowns, hats with tassels and marching across the stage, our little graduates formed their line to mark one of their first big academic achievements—Kindergarten! Mrs. Doris Carter and Mrs. Melody Humble patiently worked to help their students show so many of the things they had learned during the school year –reading and math and even reciting Bible verses. Parents proudly watched their not-so-little ones receive their first diplomas and celebrated one of many milestones to be achieved by the children.

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Making It a Day

s-field dayWhat a wonderful way to wrap up the school year! Our elementary students came for their last day of school and celebrated with field day. Indoor races filled the morning hours and outdoor pie-in-the-face and a spray of suds made the elementary kids happy. By early afternoon, the students called it a day to be remembered until the start of the next school year - 2021-2022.

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DARE We CARE in These Times?

s-dareEven in a different world of COVID education, our DARE and CARE officers made a way and came to the Fifth and Second Grade Classes.  Each carried on their support from the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department in attending to the students’ well-being. Not only making wise decisions but also knowing how to make these decisions assisted in empowering the students to confidently live for Jesus. Many thanks are wished to the officers who faithfully came to teach our students! 

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Together, We Learn

Our elementary classes creatively made displays of their science explorations. From studying the solar system to collecting bugs or learning about the life cycles of animals and sea creatures, elementary students have indulged and rediscovered that learning is more exciting with friends. Telling their classmates about their discoveries made the experience sweeter. One teacher said, "Even though school life has been a little difficult this year with COVID restrictions and protocol, we cannot replace the learning one-on-one and social aspect students grow through in the classroom. They love to learn together!"

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