s-eagle club

Making Things Happen

Our Eagle Club believes in making our sports program thrive. From raising money to dress the athletes to preparing the floor and fields, the faithful parents keep the needs met. Happening each May, a golf tournament brought a crowd and time of fellowship for the club to again raise money. The day proved to be a successful way of taking care of needs for the onset of the fall season.

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Our Arm of Support

One reason FCS remains grounded lies in the continual support of its parents, many of which are alumni. The Lord has blessed FCS with the opportunity to minister and educate multiple generations within the Faith family, but they also minister to us through there active support. For example, if it were not for the Eagle Club, our students would not have the generous provisions for them to compete athletically. The club's monthly meetings allow their coordinating of fundraising for campus improvements and meeting needs of the athletic program. As the club treasurer and also an FCS alumna, Deanna Cox said, "Sports was a big part of my high school years, and I wanted to help out. We started the Eagle Club, and with the Lord's help, we can raise money for the school. This year alone we raised over $6,900."

Recent projects completed would include the refurbishing of the gym floor and the upkeep of the baseball field. Deanna Edmisten also said, "We used the money from the golf tournament a couple years ago to purchase the school's small bus. Also, a lot of the money we raise goes towards buying uniforms and trying to keep the teams updated." 

FCS thanks the Lord for the dedicated parents and friends who work together to benefit the ministry and provide for the students. Their diligent efforts are seen all over our campus!

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