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Welcome to Faith’s New Website

In the year 2009 Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States; the first Bitcoin Network was created; Captain Sullenberger landed a US Airways Airbus plane on the Hudson River, saving all 155 passengers and Faith Christian School began using an amazing new website product called “Blueink,” which was developed by former FCS student, Ben Young. Websites were new then, and over time the FCS staff grew the site that everyone has come to know.

But on Friday evening, March 31, 2023, Faith flipped the switch on a brand new website developed by Jonathan Burris, founder and president of the Burris Consulting Group. This new website has two primary purposes:

1.) EFFICIENTLY CONNECTING THE FAITH FAMILY – We offer you a site that gets you where you need go in order to gain information as quickly as possible. You’ll notice along the top menu line that “EVENTS” and “FACTS Portal” options are immediately present. When you need to know what’s happening or connect to the school through FACTS, these buttons take you there – INSTANTLY!

2.) EFFECTIVELY SHARING INFORMATION FOR OUR CURIOUS GUESTS – We seek to offer a complete philosophical picture of our ministry and the heart behind what we do. As flawed sinners who are saved by God’s grace, we truly do seek to honor our Lord and Savior in everything that we do. Much of our website is designed to give you the “WHY” behind the “WHAT.”

Our prayer is that you will enjoy and benefit from the new website. Please provide feedback and let us know if you find errors or mistakes: Enjoy!

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