c-preaching philosophy

At Faith Baptist Church, we place the highest value on the entire counsel of God's Word.  Therefore, our preaching style is expositional.  This means we present God's Word in its natural context.  Our aim is to explain exactly what God has written and we seek to avoid private interpretations.  Our goal is every sermon is to get to "thus saith the Lord . . ."

The pastors seek to equip the saints to become skilful in handling the Word of truth.  Our vision is to see all members of Faith learn to read, interpret and apply the scriptures to their lives, and then have the confidence to share the Word with all who could benefit from God's wisdom. 

To help our members become proficient in handling God's Word, each members has free access to "Logos Bible Software" that can be used on their smartphons, tablets or computers which give them instant access to original language dictionaries, commentaries and many other study resources.  The church also provides instructions on how to use the Bible resources.