Sophomore Play Grows Class

Every class and every play produces a different product, different in accomplishments, different in develpments, but yet the goals are often the same: great advances in speech performance and a growing bond with classmates. As the sophomore class spent weeks preparing since January, they saw and experienced the benefits of their working together. Sophomore Ashley Benitez said, "When we all had our hard times learning lines, we all had each others' backs and moved as a class." 

A sophomore who already had experience in acting in community productions, Jacob Cassell encouraged, "Keep an open mind. If you do not have the right mind set going into the play, it will not be as good as it could be, so keep an open mind and have fun."

He too agreed that his class made progress together and said, "We all got to know each other better during all the rehearsals, and we had a lot of laughs. We learned that whenever things don't go as planned, you just have to go with the flow and roll with it."

Speech teachers Sherri Hohneisen and her daughter, Charissa Brunson, the lead director, had their own obstacles to manage while preparing for such a successful production and dinner theatre - a yearly event for the school. Mrs. Brunson's father, Bill Hohneisen was recovering from major heart surgery with post-surgery complications. So, the class's teamwork, more than ever, was a sure advantage and instrument in ensuring the play's success. Even though prayer encircles every step of the process for every play, more than ever, God's people prayed for each element to fit into place and the Lord to receive His due glory. 

Sophomore Bass Johnson, along with his classmates, saw how the play experience developed such a family atmosphere amongst his class. He said, "Through this play I learned that it takes a lot of trust."

Not only did the students learn to trust each other more, but the play proved opportunities for the Lord to expand the sophomores' faith in their faithful God. 

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