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For those wishing to support the CSP with a donation we have provided a QUICK LINK to Faith's Online Donation Center.  All donations are appreciated.  If you wish your donation to be credited to a particular student(s), please email the school to let the office know the name(s) of the students being sponsored: school@faithramseur.org.

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CSP stands for Community Service Program. The CSP is the primary fundraiser for Faith Christian School and is based on the classical “thon” concept, ie: Jog-a-thon, Walk-a-thon, Bowl-a-thon, Rock-a-thon. What sets the Community Service Program apart from the other “thons” is that instead of our students soliciting donations for jogging, or walking or bowling, they raise money for the purpose of giving five hours serving those in need in Randolph and surrounding counties. This service is rendered to those served at no cost to those being served.

Why is there a need for fundraisers?

The annual operating budget for FCS is over one million dollars. Student tuition covers only 65% of the annual expenses. The remaining 35% of the funds needed each year come primarily from donations and fundraising. Instead of engaging in a wide number of fundraising possibilities, such as candy sales, cookies sales, et al., the school does basically one large school wide fundraiser – the CSP.

How does the CSP operate?:

  1. The CSP organizers are busy, almost year round, lining up projects through HOSPICE, Randolph Consolidated Services, area nursing homes, federal housing developments and many folks who are in need help around their homes.
  2. FCS provides each school family with a CSP Packet which contains all the information needed to help them and the school meet the goals of this fundraiser.
  3. Students will begin to solicit pledges and donations for their community service work. The students will be looking for family, friends, neighbors and area businesses to sponsor them for five hours of community service. Each pledge or donation will be submitted on an individual CSP SPONSOR SHEET and will be turned in on a specified TURN IN DAY. The school will issue bills for all pledges and send a “thank you” for all the donations. There are two suggested ways students can secure pledges and donations: 1.) Make phone calls to close friends and family members. (It has been a common experience for people to prefer to make a donation for community service as opposed to buying sale items). 2.) Next, students can send the CSP SPONSOR SHEETS to friends and family in other states. All mailed in pledges and donations will be credited to each specified family.
  4. On the specified TURN IN DAY, all pledges and donations will be collected and tallied. At this point, incentive rewards will be assigned (These rewards vary from year to year. The CSP Packet will contain details of incentive program).
  5. On the specified CSP Day, the entire faculty and staff will mobilize and go out into the community to perform community service. Classes from Grade 4 and below will be visiting the various nursing homes in the county. Students in grades 5 thru 12 will be organized into teams of three or four students and sent out to work under the supervision of a teacher or an adult volunteer. Each year, the teams complete approximately 70 community projects.
  6. The office processes all pledges and donations and sends “thank you notes” to all participants. The office will distribute a DONATION REPORT which will allow each family to know who sponsored their child so that each family may send an additional “thank you note” if they so choose.

What type of work is done on CSP day?

Our students paint, rakes leaves, clean houses, wash windows, make minor repairs, visit nursing homes, perform programs and just about anything else they are asked to do. CSP Day is truly a special day. Most of our students are very blessed, materially, and the CSP Day gives them a chance to minister to others in need. They have opportunity to serve and experience the appreciation expressed by those served.

How can people help with the CSP program?

The key word is, VOLUNTEER. CSP needs include: helping with mailings, providing transportation to and from the nursing homes, supervising a work group and much more. We encourage everyone that can to help and make the CSP program a success.

What is the Capital Assessment Fee, and what does it have to do with CSP?

Since fundraising is important to the operation of FCS, it is important that every family participate in this one major fundraiser. To help ensure that every family participates, a “potential fee,” called the Capital Assessment Fee, is charged to every family. Families who reach their CSP fundraising goal will not have to pay the Capital Assessment Fee. Families may choose to simple pay the Capital Assessment Fee instead of solicit pledges and donations. This is a system used successfully by other schools, and allows the administration to keep tuition lower and approximate the fundraising budget for the school year.


Serving, Loving and Praising Our God

What an amazing day! Is it not a blessing to serve the Lord by serving others? Our great God loves to use us to accomplish His work, and we are blessed to have such willing students and supportive parents. The weather was perfect today for so many outdoor jobs, like cleaning windows, raking leaves, pulling weeds, painting, construction - so many different things. Our younger students enjoyed their time singing, visiting, and giving out cards to the nursing home residents. According to Mrs. Tamra Moger, our CSP coordinator, "A lot of our jobs were hard work for older students. Including on-campus work, we were able to accomplish 55 jobs, and at least a third of our jobs were with agencies or homes that we usually visit." 

As always, the Lord blesses in ways that we are able to see now, which gives encouragement, but we also know that He does the unseen, and we trust that to reap benefits for His Kingdom. One blessing for which we are truly grateful was having so many fathers who came out to help with the big jobs. Mrs. Moger said, "I always pray for a lot of men to be able to help, and the Lord supplied all that we needed."

Upon returning from her group's job at the Family Crisis Center in Asheboro, teachers' aide and parent Melody Humble said, "One of our jobs required us to purchase flowers to make the Family Crisis Center look more attractive.  Mrs. Moger gave me $20 to purchase the flowers. We were surprised when the manager at Lowes Hardware told us that we could get whatever we wanted for $20." The group was excited to make the center look nice with flowers, and the personnel were very grateful for the all the work and the generous donation.

After visiting the Soup Kitchen in Asheboro, parent Heather Shimp said, "I was humbled and reminded of the song 'People Need the Lord.' I was glad to spend this time with my daughter, and we were able to see some of the parents of children who are bussed to our church."

Parent Chris Vaughn commented to Mrs. Moger upon returning to school, "The organization of this day was wonderful! It took a lot of deliberate action."

We are all very grateful for Mrs. Moger's diligent efforts in planning this event. She starts during the summer months, and once school begins, the work is on. Also, we cannot forget to praise our prayer partners who have spent many hours in prayer for God's provision, His watch care, and His power to make this effort a success in His eyes, as we seek to train our students to be servant-leaders. 

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