Once Upon a Time

s- jrsr banquet '19On Saturday night, May 4,  the Juniors and Seniors gathered with teachers at Vintage Oaks Farms for a night of laughter and memories. Every year the junior class hosts the night, including a meal, message from a speaker, Senior Prophecies from the Juniors, Last Will and Testaments from the Senior Class, and this year was one to remember. 
Junior Michaela Langley said, “After weeks of preparation, I was excited to see our hard work pay off.” 
The theme for the evening, “Once Upon a Time,” revealed the way people have different stories, and the juniors honored the seniors using the theme. 
Instead of having senior tribute tables set up by parents, junior sponsors, Sherri and Bill Hohneisen and the junior class assembled picture collages of the seniors from their childhood to now, showing their stories. Senior Ashlyn Hill said, “I really enjoyed our pictures displayed in the window frames and how they were incorporated into the decorations.”
One of the special events was the message delivered by Pastor Shaun Greene. His sermon incorporated how everyone has a story, and no matter what adversity he/she endures, with God he/she can experience salvation and live in light of the Gospel as God’s child. Senior Reagan Jackson said, “The message was very impacting, and Pastor Greene was very fun to listen to.”
The final part of the night was the Last Will and Testaments. The seniors presented their “legacy” to the juniors in a formal but fun manner, and gave creative gifts. One highlight of the presents was when Justin Edmisten passed down the soccer gift, but with a new pair of cleats because he misplaced the old, famous cleats he received last year.   
While Jordan Lester presented his will and testament, a mouse ran across the back wall and caused the room to fill with laughter. Senior Jordan Lester said, “I enjoyed presenting the gift and passing down a legacy to the next graduating class.”
Junior Jacob Cassell said, “It was a night of good fun, laughs and memories.” From fancy dresses and tuxedos, the laughter, fellowship and fun, the Junior-Senior Banquet of 2019 was truly a night to remember.
By Christin Stein, junior

Keeping the Faith: Our 50th Celebration

How can we begin to thank God for His faithfulness without looking back to remember all He has done? Thus, Lamentations 3:23 became the theme of our 50th school year; "Our God is FAITHful." We ended the 2018 school year with a celebration banquet, a marked memorial and a night of thanksgiving for all to enjoy.

Graduate Jack Whitley (1977) said, "I am thankful for three things. The friends I made here are great Christian friends for life who encouraged me in my faith. I am thankful for the teachers, their love and care even many years after graduation. I can't help but remember my parents who were poor and sacrificed to put me here."

At the beginning of the school year, the Lord put it in the hearts of the faculty and staff to honor those who have deeply impacted the student body of FCS. This included the North Carolina Christian School Association for being our educational support and continuing education resource, the school's Eagle Club for its patronage and providing for the athletic program, Bob Jones University for its provision of curriculum and faculty through the years and the Christian Scholarship Association for its support and partnership in educating students. Last and most importantly, Faith Baptist Church was recognized for casting the vision of FCS and serving as the essential pillar of support to the ministry. During the school year, the student body honored The Wilds Camp, Encounter Revival Ministries and Nate and Erica Jude with SCORE, Int., all for their influence and help in training servant-leaders for the Kingdom of God. 

During our evening of celebration, the reunion was precious as some of the first teachers and students reminisced of the good 'ole days, but to hear the testimonies of God's goodness made the night an amazing memorial not soon forgotten. Each had a story of God's abundant mercy, amazing grace and never-ending faithfulness. Testimonies of the young and old spoke of how God used FCS to impact their journeys.

Graduate Johnny Reeder (1989) and current teacher said, "I can carry you to places on this campus where I've had conversations with these teachers when I was a student. I also met my wife here. I thank the Lord that I now get to work with the people here. I am thankful for the academics, but these people have taught me so many lessons about life. I am so thankful for the work the Lord has done at this place and continues to do here."

Highlights of the evening include the elementary students' sweetly singing "He's Been Faithful," the faculty and staff giving testimony in the song, "God's Been Good" and the Advanced Speech class' dramatic reading of God's Faithfulness. In addition, Dr. Haas' (NCCSA Director) presented a plaque to the school for its 50 years, and Dr. Bob Jones, III (BJU Chancellor and our keynote speaker) encouraged but exhorted to continue the work of the Lord. He challenged the ministry to look back with intent, an intent of observing God's goodness and provision so that we may be encouraged to keep God's vision and persevere in His ways. He reminded, "This is God's doings; let it be marvelous in our eyes," from the words of Psalm 118:23.

The Lord has brought us to this milestone that we may testify of His goodness. We want to continue, to persevere, to remain stedfast in the faith of our founders and veterans who are living examples of authentic faith. We ask our Faith family to pray with us and to persevere with a renewed strength for the praise and glory of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

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