Growing in Every Way

What is a day like in the life of a preschooler? The preschoolers engage in activity throughout their mornings, with a great emphasis on development in every area - academically, socially, physically and spiritually. The preschool teachers take the time to get to know their students and supply them the foundational needs for learning success. Preschool director Megan Coats said, "We prepare them socially. We teach respect for our leaders. We focus on academic development without pressuring the students to learn a certain amount, but instead meet their needs and let them progress at their own levels. We also like to stay on track by knowing what is expected of the children in K-5." 

Each day is a learning experience ignited by fun. Mrs. Coats said, "After getting settled in on a normal day, we talk about the day - the calendar and the weather. We have Bible time with a story, engaging the students in songs and questions to help them participate. We enjoy center time for both academic and social development. Our work time includes a lot of visual, auditory and kinesthetic activity with written activity as well. "

When a student comes to preschool, Mrs. Coats and the teachers grow relationships with the students and their families. Mrs. Coats said, "I enjoy being with the children and watching them fall in love with learning. Even watching them make friends and learning to be a good friend is a part of their education."

Parents have appreciated the care and instruction their children have received. Some have taken the time to express their thoughts:

"Preschool was not something I had really planned on for my children. I had early childhood training, and I was reluctant to leave them in a daycare program. However, I was happy to leave my children in the loving care of the preschool ladies. They would lovingly teach, correct and instruct my children. My boys were academically prepared for school, and they were taught the biblical principles we were endeavoring to teach in our home, which is to ultimately love God and, in so doing, love others."   -Lydia Daniel, FCS faculty

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Here We Come!

For their last day of preschool, the 3K and 4K Classes lined-up to walk upstairs to the church auditorium. The Preschoolers had practiced diligently for this moment. As the children stood anxiously in the hallway, the door suddenly opened for them to walk the “red carpet” laid out for their entry. Family and friends cheered on the little stars as they made their way to their seats. The time had come for them to shine! The 4K Class made their way to the stage to begin their performance of  “A Morning with the Little Stars.” The program began by everyone stating the pledges to the Bible, Christian Flag and American Flag. The 4K Class then sang songs such as “My God Is so Big,” “Days of the Week” and “If I Were a Butterfly.” The 3K Class also joined the 4K Class in singing “Peace Like a River” and “Mr. Sun.” The four-year-old students also stated Galatians 5:22-23, as well as, individual scriptures about the “Fruits of the Spirit.” Just before Preschool certificates were distributed to the 4K Class, the class sang a super exciting song for them, “Kindergarten, Here We Come!” After each certificate was given, the 4K Class was then announced and congratulated for officially becoming Kindergarteners! The celebration continued at “Kidz Bounce Party” in Asheboro after the program. Both the 3K Class and 4K Class enjoyed celebrating the beginning of summer break and their advancement to the next class. A fun time was had by all!

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