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We Vote, 'Make It Fun'

Among so many interesting learning experiences, the sixth grade recently campaigned for class president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and so many other offices the class created, such as security and janitor. Each candidate gave a speech and gained support before the votes were cast. Mrs. Angie Thomas, one of the class' teachers, said, "The class has a lot of born leaders and a great interest in politics. They asked about the election of class officers. So, we teachers decided to turn it into a learning experience. Ms. Grubb taught about elections in Heritage Class, and I discussed the speeches. They have taken it so seriously that they are having meetings regularly. It has been so much fun for them!"

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Giving for His Glory

The most wonderful time of the year - Christmas at FCS - is our time to give to our community! Our classes have devised their plans to share Christ's love in our community as administrator Todd Daniel encouraged the teachers to emphasize the Christ of Christmas. Sixth graders provided for a schoolwide bake sale and earned nearly $400 to give to the Randolph Country Cancer Center. The Junior Class spearheaded a campaign to send goodie bags and cards to the Marines, one of whom is FCS's own Jamison Roberts.  Other classes have made plans to visit and go caroling at nursing home facilities, make donations toward the seniors' upcoming mission trip or give to outreach centers in the area. The students are excited about giving and loving the opportunity to help alongside of their classmates.

Administrator Todd Daniel said, "I listened to a pastor friend encourage his people to give to the Lord and His work this Christmas in such a way that we bring the Christ of Christmas much glory. I want the students to realize that giving is always better than receiving." 

Good Company

In May, the middle school and their parents loaded the school vans ready for a venture to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Under the leadership of Johnny Reeder, middle school principle, the group took a three-day trip where they visited sites such as Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Jockey's Ridge and Kitty Hawk.

Parents enjoyed the trip and guided tours with the students. Brooke York said, "Our tour guides knew so much about the places, and they kept the students' attention. No doubt, the kids learned so much, but so did I."

One of the trip favorites was Jockey's Ridge where the students played on the sand dunes and Cape Hatteras Lighthouse where the students made it to the top. The group discovered it to be the most well-known lighthouse of North Carolina.

Most of all, the middle schoolers had a fantastic experience, even after their bus problems which delayed their arrival. In pictures and videos they captured their memories throughout the trip and enjoyed the company of their friends. 

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