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Enlightening Experience

s-dc trip '19A last endeavor to train our seniors in servant leadership, the class set out for our nation's capital where they represented the American Association of Christian Schools. Not just an ordinary opportunity, Pastor Gary Moger prepared his Government Class to knowledgeably speak on behalf of Christians concerning legislation which could affect Christian schools. The class lobbied with representatives of the public offices of House and Senate and were well-received as they presented their cases and left information as their "voice." The students were encouraged when encountering openminded and agreeable delegates. 

The students were also able to experience the sights of historic and present-day government. They visited the Library of Congress, The Capitol Building, The Pentagon, The Holocaust Museum and the newest interest, the Bible Museum. Evening tours of the memorials and the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier were also favorite attractions for the students. Even the city life and navigating the Metro system was an adventure and enlightening experience for the students who are accustomed to small-town, Randolph County life. Senior Kyle Richardson said, "One of my dreams has been to tour the Pentagon, and it came true. I simply enjoyed learning what life was like in our nation's capital."

Other breathtaking experiences included the magnificence of the Library of Congress. Richardson said, "It was absolutely gorgeous inside. The amount of knowledge stored inside that building is astounding. The walls are inscribed with such wisdom. It's just amazing!"

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Serving Abroad

s-matt herbster chapelNot the usual yearly encounter, the middle and high students sat under the preaching of Matt Herbster for a morning chapel service. After receiving the call to missions in Hong Kong, the Herbster family recently left The Wilds Camp and continues on deputation in hopes of leaving for Hong Kong in 2020.

Because of Herbster's over 20-year impact on FCS students, the administration and the middle and high school student body rallied to quickly raise funds through a pizza roll lunch and snack to give the Herbster family a gift to aid in traveling or setting up their home in Hong Kong.

The student body gratefully received Mr. Herbster and was blessed by his message on Psalm 119 concerning hating sin and valuing God's Word. He left the student body with two truths to never forget: Be faithful in God's Word as He will continue to grow a greater desire for it, and be convinced that God will give you grace to become more like Him. 

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Making It Last

The second half of the Senior year comes with flying colors and brings light to the growth and successes of each soon-to-graduate student. This high point serves as a time for the school to make the last impressions and pour on the encouragement before sending off another group of emerging servant-leaders. From the Seniors’ preparing for the life-impacting mission trip to earning scholastic and athletic awards to achieving the role status of campus leaders, the seniors endeavor to make a lasting mark on Faith Christian School by influencing the younger students. They do this through weekly devotional times and taking the time to be a friend to the younger students.

As a special time to honor each senior and acknowledge a character quality, the high school students cast votes, and the seniors were awarded a certificate of recognition on what is known as Senior Recognition Night after the evening basketball games. As the opening theme of "Making a Mark" gave way to a stage of finely dressed seniors, their testimonies were read and their outstanding character qualities announced. Each testimony centered around the call to be arrows in a world that needs a Savior and the reminder that each one is a different arrow to be shot into a variety of places.

One senior, Laura LeGlue gave testimony of how she wants to be used by God to leave a lasting mark. She said, “I want to use the skills that God has given me where they will be the most effective. I just hope to positively impact someone’s life whether or not the world knows my name.”

Attributes such as integrity, loyalty, enthusiasm, resourcefulness, determination, diligence and more were awarded to the Seniors. Another senior, Jordan Lester, who was awarded for his commitment, spoke of how he wants to make his mark as an example of character. He said, “I hope that I will be remembered as someone who tried to do right.”

Others spoke of their desires to be a godly example, a good friend, an encourager, a good teammate and a missionary among so many godly ambitions.

The Seniors expressed thanksgiving to family as their recorded testimonies were played during a video presentation. The enjoyable pictures of family times, school activities and fun with friends represented the Lord’s goodness on their blessed and impacted lives.

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Science Explorations

Throughout the school year, the high school science classes have completed lab assignments to enhance their understanding of anatomy, biology and chemistry. Bill Hohneisen's Anatomy Class recently dissected the cow's eye and heart when they studied the peripheral nervous system and senses, as well as the blood and blood vessels. To give better understanding, Dr. Mark Roberts visited the class and taught on the eye.

Concerning the cow's eye dissection, Mr. Hohneisen said, "The students are always fascinated. The fovea is interesting to them, and they get a better understanding of it and how it works." 

In Biology Class the students recently studied invertebrates. They dissected earthworms and a cray fish in which they examined both the external and internal structures. Mr. Hohneisen said, "The class was fascinated over the teeth in the cray fish's stomach which functions to grind its food."  

In Mr. Gary Jones' Chemistry Class, recent studies have included density as the class learned how to measure the density of various solids and liquids in their lab experiments. Mr. Jones said, "The benefit of labs is from paper to hands on. A lot of time the students can do it on paper, but they do not understand how that translates into the physical world until they actually do it." 

Having taught maths and sciences for 50 years, Mr. Hohneisen agreed, "Hands on gives them a truer picture of what we study."

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Rejoice and Sing!

Another night of excellent praise and Christmas celebration came from our middle and high school students. The night began with high schoolers Sarah McLanahan and Jacob Cassell's singing "Let It Be Christmas." The Echoes of Faith Handbell Ensemble, one choir of juniors and one of seniors, played throughout the program ringing out the season carols such as "Carol of the Bells" and "Jingle Bells."

Select students showcased their talents. Senior Laura LeGlue played her violin as the Echoes of Faith choir sang "Gesu Bambino," and senior Kyle Richardson played "Joy to the World." Middle Schooler Jaden Scott sang a solo with the middle school chorus who sang "The Birthday of a King" and "Please Don't Send Me Fruitcake." 

Adding another thought-provoking element to the concert, the Advanced Speech Class performed, "The Lord in the Manger." The class gives a recitation each year to remind of our Lord's glory and His place of worship at Christmas.

Again portraying his talents, Kyle Richardson played for the Echoes of Faith Choir as they sang "Canon in D/The First Noel," and the choir completed the program with "All Is Well' and "White Christmas."

The excellent display of talent gave praise to the Savior for whom we celebrate the season. 

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Seizing the Opportunity

Senior Government Class students enjoyed three days visiting the Pentagon, the Holocaust and Bible Museums, Arlington National Cemetery and various monument, memorials and government buildings. Although the trip serves to support the things they have learned in their class, it also provides a unique opportunity for the students to represent the American Association of Christian Schools and lobby with congressional leaders' aides for issues which affect Christians. 

Senior Will Dinsmore talked of the benefits of his class and trip: "I have learned a lot of things in our class this year, and we have talked a lot about the legislative branch and the roles it plays in our government. I'm glad I've been able to have a year of governement to really understand how our government works. I enjoy politics in general, so I really liked talking to the aids but also about the upcoming elections." 

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Eagles Take Flight

 What an honor to graduate in the school's 50th year! "God Is Faithful" continued to encompass and wrap up the school year at the 46th commencement. From the first speech given by Salutatorian Ashley Avelino until the recessional of "Great Is Thy Faithfulness," our God received the praise. Avelino gave her address and emphasized the eagle and its learning to fly. She also incorporated her salvation testimony and her family's Eagle heritage as Faith graduates and Faith Baptist charter members who helped to build the school fifty years before. She said, "One could say I was destined to be an Eagle before I was even born."

She moved toward her conclusion, reminding her classmates, "Most of all, the people of this school have taught us to have good values, morals and to keep God first in all that we do to prepare us to go out on our own, leaving our safe nest, preparing us to take, we start our journey to soar as Eagles with courage, honor, power, freedom, determination, strength, bravery, beauty and grace."

As the commencement ceremony continued, seniors gave testimonies, Todd Daniel, administrator, and Lydia Daniel, class sponsor, sang "Christ Is Sufficient," before Will Dinsmore gave his valedictory address humorously comparing his 14-year "ride" at FCS to a roller coaster. He concluded that FCS had greatly changed his life for the better and said, "Faith has been a place where I am challenged to grow in my walk with God, and I will be forever grateful for the teachers who encouraged me to continue to pursue God."

After the presentation of academic awards and affirmation of scholarships, the class presented their gift of a boulder placed at the school's entrance as a memorial of God's grace and faithfulness in the school's 50th year. 

In addition, parents were recognized and honored, and Brian Smith, another class sponsor, and Mrs. Daniel recited the senior parents' humorous sayings given by the seniors. Pastor Sam Hicks prayed for the Lord to use and bless the class, a photo retrospective was shown, and teachers, Gary Jones and Cris Brunson, sang "But Continue Thou" based upon II Timothy 3:14. 

As the seniors received their diplomas, many of the males stopped to hug their administrator, Mr. Daniel, who had invested his time in getting to know and love them. The recessional, unlike any other year, was sung by the audience for all to acknowledge God's great faithfulness to this little school where God continues to grow servant-leaders for His Kingdom. 

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Finding the Answers

One last time the Senior Class received godly instruction as they were challenged with what their speaker attributed life's greatest question and the answer to true success. Alan Hoffler, director and trainer at MillsWyck Communications, asked, "Who is Jesus to you?" acknowledging that based upon their answers, they would go on to live their lives for or against their purpose of God's glory. 

Some highlights of the special Sunday afternoon service included Gary Jones, science teacher, and Brian Smith, history teacher and senior sponsor, singing "I Will Follow" and the faculty and staff's singing "Eyes of Your Heart" from the words of Ephesians 1:18. 

The class enjoyed a time of fellowship and celebration with their families and friends.

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End-of-Year Fun

Since the freshmen class had missed their middle school opportunity for a historic, end-of-year field trip, administrator Todd Daniel promised to make it up to them. In May the class headed to Kure Beach with their middle school NC History teacher, Cris Brunson, and Mr. Daniel, their trip coordinator. The group enjoyed Oak Island lighthouse, Southport, the USS North Carolina battleship, Fort Macon, Tryon Palace, and Fort Fisher Aquarium, and they had a great time of memories with friends and teachers. 

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