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Preparing for Our Futures

s-k5 gradWhile the high school graduates marched in to "Pomp and Circumstance" wearing their traditional royal blue caps and gowns, the Kindergarten Class marched down the aisle and to the stage wearing backpacks and sweet smiles for a performance like none other at FCS: "Here I Am, Lord. Send Me." The little ones portrayed what it will be like as seniors, talking with one another and meeting to discuss their senior mission trip in the Dominican Republic. Their foreshadowed story written by Mrs. Doris Carter, their teacher, predicted what the class would be doing in just 12 years - planning for one of the most impacting memories of their FCS years--their senior mission trip. The conversations and role play all pointed to a class who was growing to see God providing all they needed and to prepare them for ministry. 

In addition to the play, the class interjected short briefings of their math and reading knowledge, but most of all, their memorization of songs and Bible verses. For everything they had learned, the energetic group sang a song--some even in Spanish to underscore the theme of the program. 

While the audience watched a video of kindergarten memories, the children dressed in their blue caps and gowns. Then  they marched to receive their diplomas and together sang the school's verse from Isaiah 40:31.

A reception wrapped up the kindergarten graduation and celebration. 

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Racing to the Finish

s-field day 2A one-time-of-year event, the elementary students geared up for their morning relays and team competition. Shortly after a group assembly for chapel time, Phyllis Frye, elementary principal, and Shawn Greene, parent volunteer, led the morning Field Day activities.  From passing a baton, to balancing bean bags on their heads while running, to hopping with a balloon between their legs, the relays were continual. While most teams earned their points by achieving first place in relays, others won points by listening well and following the instructions of their leaders. Attached at the arms and back-to-back, students took relays with a teammate, often one dragging the other to reach the finish line. Balance became an essential as the teams kept an egg on a spoon while attempting to run or spin around a swimming noodle then running to tag a teammate. The excitement proved to be a tiring morning topped off with pizza for lunch and the expected musical pies for the soon-to-be sixth graders. What fun entertainment the class brought to the Field Day closing! After the class had a winner who had not been "pied," Mrs. Carol Ann Cox, their teacher, took the liberty to pie the remaining student. But the class couldn't settle with such a finish until they chose one to pie their teacher. Then, the game was complete with loud chants and excitement from all the elementary students. 

Looking back on the success of the day, Mrs. Frye's work and preparation made the Field Day possible. She said, "I wanted a way for the kids to relax at the end of the year after all the tests."

At the end of the day, the blue team came out on top for the upper elementary while the green team reigned for the lower elementary classes. All had a great day outside the classroom just before completing their 2019 school year!

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CAREing for Our Children

s-care '19What a privilege to partner with the Randolph County Sheriff's Office in teaching our Second Grade Class! For 12 weeks, Deputy Sherry White visited once a week to teach the children about safety and choosing trustworthy adults. The program empowered the children to take care of themselves, it gave them an understanding of feeling safe and ensured them that there are trusted adults to whom they can go for help. 

The class graduated with a ceremony of songs, the reciting of Bible verses and the reading of their essays about what they enjoyed and learned. Deputy White once again encouraged the children and brought along her friend Carey, the program mascot. The ceremony concluded in prayer and the students' singing "Angels Among Us" as the students took the hands of their trusted adults.   

Although Sheriff Seabolt was unable to attend, he wrote to those in attendance, "I hope you enjoy this opportunity to share in the accomplishment of our students, and we look forward to working with you, as partners, in this very important program."

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DAREing to do What Is Right

s-dare '19Our Fifth Grade Class graduated from DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) with a ceremony of songs performed by the class, the reading of the two winning essays and a challenge to make wise choices from Chaplain Brian Faircloth. The students were equipped to make the best choices and given a support group of which they can always rely. 

During the reading of the two winning essays, students Michael Cox and Kenlyn Scott told how they enjoyed Officer Batchelor and what they learned during their 12-week DARE program. Scott said, "There are a lot of things I did not know until I started DARE, but I am glad I know them now. I plan to make good choices and to help other peole make good choices, too. If someone does drugs, I will tell them some facts that might help them, and I will remember these facts to help me stay away from bad things." 

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Pray In Ernest

s - 5th PIESeeing is believing, and in this case, rewarding! The Fifth Graders took on the challenge to pray in earnest as they all presented their greatest prayer needs to the class and prayed fervently together for the Lord to meet the needs according to His will. In only a few days, what did they learn? Prayer is rewarding; God works through the prayers of His people. What better way to grow their faith than watching the Lord work mightily on their behalf? Mrs. Carol Ann Cox, fifth grade teacher, said, "As our three-week emphasis went on, we were able to see God abundantly bless and miraculously supply needs right before our eyes. Of course, there were some 'no' and 'wait' answers, but we learned again that we can always trust the Lord, for He knows best."

In addition to the challenge and to have a little fun, the class brought in their own pies and had a pie eating contest. Mrs. Cox said, "Faces got messy, and tummies got full, but I pray that memories from this time will always remind us to PRAY IN EARNEST because God does answer prayer!" 

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A Capital Day

s-4th raleigh '19After spending several weeks studying North Carolina, the Fourth Grade Class visited Raleigh, the state capital. They explored the Capitol Building, Legislative Building, The Museum of Science and The Museum of History. The class enjoyed seeing so many things they had talked about, but the science museum sparked the greatest interest. Fourth grade teacher, Katelyn Dresbach said, "I was impressed with how the students noticed the evolutionary worldview and were quick to note that it was contrary to our biblical worldview."

Miss Dresbach takes her class to Raleigh each year so they can see what they have learned. She said, "The students gain a better understanding and a greater appreciation for our state. They impressed their tour guide with their ability to answer so many questions about North Carolina. Overall, the students and the parents had a really fun day!"

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Reading and Achieving

When March rolls around, the elementary students know it is time for the celebration of Dr. Seuss with Read Across America Week. Once again, our librarian, Angie Thomas planned and coordinated a week fillled with fun. From decorating the halls,  dressing up as a favorite book character, reading Dr. Seuss books in the classrooms, having fun snacks and making special Seuss related crafts, the week added an extra measure of excitement before getting out of school for Spring Break. The sixth graders prepared to entertain the classes dressed as The Cat, Thing One and Thing Two and acted out "The Cat in the Hat" while another classmate read the story. Each elementary class enjoyed the small drama, and the fifth graders prepared a book with an act themselves then visited the preschool. On the last day, the classes concluded their celebration with birthday cake.

Having managed the various events to promote Read Across America, Mrs. Thomas said, "The purpose was to encourage the kids to read. The students enjoy the different dressup days. Their favorite is PJ and Favorite Stuffed Animal Day. The students also enjoyed designing their own Seuss characters together."

The classes enjoyed a great week to be soon followed by the Scholastic Book Fair, again encouraging the students to keep on reading. 

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Classes on the Go

The elementary students have gone from one exciting week to another, having recently wrapped up their Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Celebration.  In honor of Asher Scott, baby brother of Jaden, Kenlyn and Brooklyne Scott, the students wore mismatched socks on Down Syndrome Awareness Day. To give another incentive for reading, the students enjoyed the Scholastic Book Fair and funded the purchasing of new books.

Each class continues in their studies of math, science, history, English and Bible. The kindergarteners have discovered that the vowel "a" has another sound; it says its own name. In the meantime, the first grade continues to develop writing skills. They have studied community, state and country and presented their state symbol projects to the fourth graders who are working on their North Carolina projects. The fourth graders will be visiting Raleigh, North Carolina's capitol, before completing their studies of North Carolina's historical figures, climate, economy and symbols. Putting together their North Carolina booklets will be a highlight of their year. In addition, second grade started multiplication for the first time, and they also press on in their CARE course with the Randolph County Sheriff's Department. Third grade is covering letter writing and history during the War of 1812. The fifth graders are using their math skills to measure time lapses. They also proceed in their Heritage studies on the founding colonies, the settlements becoming states, and the class is memorizing the Preamble to the Constitution. 

Field trips are around the corner, and these studies will come to a halt as the classes are approaching the end of another adventurous year of learning. 

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Inquiring Minds 

Our 100th day has come and gone! We survived and enjoyed the ride! From challenges to victories, we have made real progress and grown to show it.

What is happening in our elementary classes? The kindergarteners have learned their last letter and are moving on to reading, while the first grader are learning the basics of writing, choosing their main ideas and adding details. The second graders have begun their 12-week CARE program with the Randolph County Sheriff's Department. Our third graders are busy building a greater understanding of fractions, while our fourth graders enjoyed their government discussion by setting up their own House and Senate for their bill to become a law. The fifth graders completed their latest group projects on Native American tribes, studying their religions, housing, clothing and food.

Our sixth graders have posted random acts of kindness by taking the time to notice and writing others' kindnesses on a post-it note and placing it on their homeroom bulletin board. The class collectively worked together to accomplish this goal to provide many encouraging words or phrases for all who enter their classroom. 

School life buzzes on as we work on the second half of our school year and take advantage of celebrating each day, especially all our holidays or good behavior and good work rewards. 

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Oh, What a Beautiful Evening!

Our elementary boys and girls dressed in their Christmas best and sang beautifully for their "packed-out" concert held at First Christian Church. From the elementary chorus, consisting of third through fifth grades to the second graders on their recorders, the kindergarten and first graders singing together and the sweet little preschoolers, the night was a merry reminder of the Christ of Christmas. Mrs. Elaine Bowman has been coordinating the concerts since the 1980s, and Mrs. Melody Humble came in the last 10 years to aide in additional music instruction of band instruments and the second graders' recorders. 

The elementary students enjoyed singing their carols as well as their fun Christmas songs such as "Winter Fantasy." A select group of elementary students, as the elementary ensemble, sang "Hot Cup of Cocoa" and "Christmas Alleluia" while the kindergarten and first grade group as well as the pre-school children kept the audience smiling with their loud carols and praises, including "All Around the Christmas Tree" and "Tell the Good News."

The second graders divided their time with singing and playing music such as "Over the River and Through the Woods" and "Joy to the World."

In addition to the elementary students' pleasurable time of Christmas cheer was a middle and high school concert for the Faith family to also enjoy the following week. 

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