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Fiesta Time

Each week the elementary students look forward to learning basics of the Spanish language, experiencing elements of the culture and playing Spanish games. On Cinco de Mayo, or May 5, Mrs. Marla Roberts celebrated with pinatas and a fiesta. The students enjoyed games such as a sombrero tag race, a balloon race and an ice water marble tag race.

Avery Marley had a great time and said, "My favorite part about Spanish is learning new words, but I really liked the ice water marble game on Cinco de Mayo."

In preparation for her holiday celebration, Mrs. Roberts found related stories and even read a life story to the students about a pinata maker. Mrs. Roberts said, "Cinco de Mayo is like our Independence Day, on which the Spanish people celebrate their freedom from France. I like to introduce the traditional holidays to the students and give them a better understanding of the Spanish culture."

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'Round 'Em Up!'

Our student cowboys and cowgirls "rounded up" on stage for their kindergarten graduation. Showing off their learnings with a western spin, the children sang, recited verses such as Psalm 23, counted and read books for their audience. Mrs. Doris Carter expressed her thanks for the opportunity to teach her students whom she loved and nurtured throughout the school year. In addition to her academic goals, she also had hopes for her beginning students. She said, "I hope they will make reading a lifelong love and that it will not be a drudgery. I want them to have a love for reading God's Word."

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DARE to Take a Stand

Project DARE teaches the children how to weigh negative and positive consequences, how to build good self-esteem, recognize and deal with peer pressure and much more," according to Sheriff Robert Graves. Project DARE is a cooperative effort between the Randolph County Sheriff's Office and the Randolph County Board of Education. According to Sheriff Graves, "Project DARE is a program designed to teach the students how to say no to illegal drugs and pressures placed upon them by peers, based upon reason rather than internal and external forces."

The Fifth Grade class completed their course requirements, and finished with a graduation ceremony in May 2017. Deputy Freida Neece led in the introduction, and Chaplain Riley Puckett gave a challenge to the Fifth Grade graduates.

Each student wrote an essay on their DARE experience, and two were chosen as winners. Both Ethan Lester and EllaJoy Mathison were awarded medals and read their essays at the graduation.

In addition, the 21 graduates sang and also shared skits portraying logical responses to peer pressures.

Students spoke of the things they had learned and appreciated about the DARE program:

"One of the things we learned in DARE was confident communication." - Madison Avelino

"We learned to not be a bystander when someone's being bullied or pressured to do something." - Karrie Gaines

"Why do drugs knowing they will kill you?" - Nathan Albright

Some of the students' favorite things were holding the stuffed lion as a reward for answering questions, singing together and getting their awards in the end. Fifth Grade teacher Johnny Reeder and the class expressed their appreciation for Officer Neece and the fun they had in the program. The students learned life lessons and principles to guide them as they enter their teenage years.

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'I Am Special'

"It is better to build a child than to repair a broken adult," one once said. Child Abuse Reduction Effort, better known as CARE, teaches our Second Grade class about personal safety each school year. After 12 weeks of instruction, the students graduated, and Sheriff Robert Graves began the CARE Graduation program with a word of thanks to FCS families for teaching their children, especially in God's ways.

According to Sheriff Graves, "The 12-week program teaches children that they have a right to feel safe at all times, and nothing is so terrible that they cannot discuss it with a trusted adult."

Through the program the students sang songs, including "Walk With The Wise" and "Kids Under Construction," as well as read their written essays about why they chose a specific trusted adult and what the class learned.

Student Emma Brady said, "We learned how to say 'no, go, and tell' when I feel the 'uh-oh' feeling. Officer White is the best CARE teacher ever!"

The graduation program could not be complete without a visit from Carey, the CARE mascot, and the annual singing of "Angels Among Us" by Major Tony King.

In the end the students were presented certificates of completion as they graduated from the CARE program, and the parents and students enjoyed a party afterwards in celebration.

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FUN: The Name of the Game

One of the greatest days of the year was Field Day! Not only did the students anticipate outdoor fun, but they also knew the signs of the time - summer vacation was almost here! And so the story goes, the elementary students embarked upon their first outdoor field day in the past three years. With great weather and a lot of sunshine, the group spent most of their morning outdoors, with inside games after lunch, then to complete their day with outdoor water fun. To ask the elementary students their favorite times and fond memories, a host of activities and fun came to mind.

Third Grade:

"My favorite activity was filling up the cup with the sponge. We also had to walk with a ball between our legs, and by the time we were all done every one was lying down!" -Ruth McLanahan

"My favorite activity was the water balloon fight. We also played Zonk, had a ball toss and a hula hoop race."- Levi Brown

Fourth Grade:

"My favorite was the two-legged race. An exciting time is whenever we did the water balloon toss!" -Azura Yates

"We had pizza, we played games, we got wet with a waterhose, and, most of all, we had fun!" - Isabelle Nance

Fifth Grade:

"I enjoyed the pie-in-the-face activity. One exciting moment was when we won 30,000 points. My team won, and that was so exciting!" - Ashley Humble

"We raced, we hopped, we got wet! My most exciting moment was 'pieing' Lyndsey!" -Casey Allen

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Family Times

school - news - '16 elem. ch. con.A cherished time for the Faith family, the elementary student body met for their annual Christmas Concert, this year called "A Journey to Bethlehem." To a record-setting audience, the students sang out and were applauded for a fantastic job of singing but also for playing instruments, all led by Mrs. Elaine Bowman and Mrs. Melody Humble.

Always giving the audience a smile and usually a chuckle too, the preschoolers began with great energy and sang "Jingle Bells," "Let's Play in the Snow," and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," to name a few. Throughout the concert the Elementary chorus sang carols and fun songs, such as "Come on Ring Those Bells," "The Twelve Days of Christmas," "Hark the Herald Angels Sing," and ended the concert with one of their favorites, "Feliz Navidad."

A welcome addition to the concerts, individual students played instruments - Karrie Gaines played "Mary Did You Know?" on her violin, and Ruth McLanahan was joined by her older sister Rebekah playing "Sing We Now of Christmas" in a piano duet.

To showcase their new talents on their recorders, second graders played, then sang songs including "Go Tell It on the Mountain" and "Journey to Bethlehem."

Also bursting with Christmas spirit, the kindergarten and first grade classes sweetly sang carols and favorites, such as "Let's Build a Snowman."

The signs of Christmas led a merry-hearted group of children to proclaim Christ as the center of their Christmas.

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