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Our Final Marks

s-grad 2019Not the ordinary graduation ceremony, the class of 2019 could not leave FCS without one last impacting performance. As musically inclined as they have been through the years, some students played handbells, two  sang a duet, and the class signed and sang together one of their mission trip songs, with part of the song in English as well. In addition four gave testimony of the Lord's working in their lives through their years at FCS

As a class who also excelled athletically and academically, awards were presented, including Jared Reeder's Leadership Scholarship awarded by Chick-fil-a and Melanie Garner's Presidential Scholarship presented by Dr. Bob Shackelford, the president of Randolph Community College. Also recognized by RCC, Ty Elliot was announced the recipient of an associates degree in Welding and acknowledged for his abilities as the top of his class at RCC. Both Reeder and valedictorian Laura LeGlue received congratulations for their appointments into the North Carolina House Page Program, and LeGlue was also acknowledged for receiving livestock scholarships though Randolph County and the North Carolina State Fair. 

As the class salutatorian, graduate Melanie Garner spoke on making choices, alluding to the class' many debates throughout their years together. Coming to a close in her speech, she acknowledged, "We have had 13 years to learn of God's Word, but this is the time for us to decide to continue to follow God's principles."

Giving her valedictory speech, Laura LeGlue stressed growth and change as a gradual process of which her class had learned and had become stronger together. She said, "We are iron sharpening iron, and every day is a trial by fire. Will we fold under the pressure or will we become stronger? That is the question we must ask ourselves as we step out into our changing world. Our class is the product of a society, ever changing, ever growing, ever innovating."

Giving recognition to their parents and homeroom teachers, the class presented gifts and then shared a time of prayer as FBC pastor and FCS president Gary Moger prayed for the seniors. High school teachers, Cris Brunson and Gary Jones sang "But Continue Thou," and the seniors marched to the recessional "Great Is Thy Faithfulness," a tradition which began at last year's fiftieth celebration.  

An addition to the graduation was the acknowledgment and celebration of several faculty members' faithful service. Beverly Boniface and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Moger all celebrated 40 years of tenure at FCS, while Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hohneisen celebrated 50 years. A video presentation and gifts of cards and letters along with a monetary gift from former students and FCS friends commemorated the devotion of these servants of Christ. Administrator Todd Daniel said, "God has given us some of His choicest servants, whom we have all grown to love and also respect for giving their lives at FCS."

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Rewarding the Diligent

s-awards banquet '19A very exciting night of the year, students and parents gathered in the gymnasium for the annual awards banquet. After the cafeteria ladies gave their best for a delicious meal, the students received recognition for high academic and athletic achievements. This included those with highest quality performance in each subject for each middle and high school grade and those achieving in athletics, such as Most Improved, Best Defense, Best Offense, Most Valuable Player and Servant Leadership. The girls' soccer team was recognized for their third place win in State accomplishment, and all-state or all-region athletes were acknowledged as chosen by coaches within the athletic association. 

Also during the evening, the seniors received honor cords and honor sashes. but a special first-time award was given to senior Ty Elliot, who had achieved his welding certificate from RCC and noted for his high performance there.  Administrator Todd Daniel presented Ty with a new award, one that will recognize those students who excel in exceptional work ethic in various areas other than academics.  He said, "The Ty Elliot Achievement Award will continue for years to come and commemorate Elliot's work ethic and attitude."

Another significant honor given was the Christian leadership. The middle schoolers voted that Middle  Leanna Talley and Coy Bertrand demonstrated an exceptional Christian spirit, while high schoolers Jacob Cassell and Katie Gaines were also voted and granted the leadership award.

The evening served as a time to not only reward those who excel but encourage the students to be true winners who give their best for God's glory. 

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Heartfelt Praise

s-sp.concert 1What a praiseworthy evening of joyous singing! Our elementary, middle and high school students all sang for the annual Spring Concert. With a theme of "Making Melody in Your Heart to the Lord," high schoolers Jacob Cassell and Sarah McLanahan opened the concert with their duet, "Lord, I Need You."  The student body including the elementary chorus, recorder class and even the second and first grades held a captive audience for their variety of songs, including Bible songs. The middle school beautifully harmonized as they sang "Amazing Grace," "Shine, Jesus Shine" and "Above All." The elementary ensemble caught the attention of their audience as they blended their voices in "Oh, You Must Be a Lover of the Lord" and "Let It Shine Medley."

In addition to the singing, the handbell choir has grown to two groups of performers, the seniors and the high school group. Each performed and played selections such as "Trumpet Voluntary," "My Grandfather's Clock" and "Seek Ye First," among others.

The Echoes of Faith choir left a great impression as they honored the Lord in song with "Peace In Christ," "My Hope Is Jesus" and "It's Still the Cross." 

As the evening concluded, the elementary chorus sang their last song, "Thou Art a Wonderful God" before the faculty and staff joined the elementary and high school choruses on "How Great Thou Art." The Lord was surely magnified by His people in song.

In rememberance of Tamara York Lafferty (Class of 1988) who passed away on April 17, peace lilies graced the stage. 

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Serving Abroad

s-matt herbster chapelNot the usual yearly encounter, the middle and high students sat under the preaching of Matt Herbster for a morning chapel service. After receiving the call to missions in Hong Kong, the Herbster family recently left The Wilds Camp and continues on deputation in hopes of leaving for Hong Kong in 2020.

Because of Herbster's over 20-year impact on FCS students, the administration and the middle and high school student body rallied to quickly raise funds through a pizza roll lunch and snack to give the Herbster family a gift to aid in traveling or setting up their home in Hong Kong.

The student body gratefully received Mr. Herbster and was blessed by his message on Psalm 119 concerning hating sin and valuing God's Word. He left the student body with two truths to never forget: Be faithful in God's Word as He will continue to grow a greater desire for it, and be convinced that God will give you grace to become more like Him. 

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Raising Champions

We are proud of the Faith Christian School Holy Cows for their accomplishments in the North Carolina State 4H Dairy Quiz Bowl. Congratulations for bringing home First and Second Place in Junior Division and First Place in Senior Division. Also, congratulations to those who excelled in Skillathon!

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Not Just Another Show

s-peter pan 2019Another sophomore class took the stage, stole the show, won the audience and displayed great talent! The Sophomore Speech Class and the Advanced Speech Class joined forces for the first-time performance of Peter Pan and Wendy. The Thursday evening performance entertained  young and old, and the Faith tradition, known as the ATAP Dinner Theatre, brought a large crowd of family and friends with the supportive Faith family. Because the expectations continue to remain high due to the excellency of each year's performance, Mrs. Charissa Brunson and her mother, Sherri Hohneisen, sacrificially give their all to produce the best performance possible in every way for a small stage production.

Watching the students grow each year to develop both speech and acting skills is a joy to the teachers who patiently train their students to become their best for God's glory. Sophomore Cameron Smith and so many other sophomores said, "We thank Mrs. Brunson and Mrs. H. for sticking with our class. We could not have done any of this without them." 

The play portrayed the book's plot, a little different than the Disney production. From pirates and mermaids in Neverland, to the Darling family with big sister, Wendy, as their Neverland mother, and  Peter Pan followed around by Tinkerbell, the students became their characters for a fun, heartwarming, imaginative performance. The class enjoyed their opportunity to portray so much of what they had learned so well. Brittney Redding said, "The most exciting moments were when we got the great reaction out of the crowd. It made everybody feel good about their characters."

With a large supportive group of workers, the benefits of the endeavor yielded positive results. The sophomores believed they improved in their speaking skills and their acting; their class grew closer together while the school family enjoyed the product of such hard work. The ATAP Play (All Things Are Possible) gave an opportunity to thank those donors who faithfully give to the school, and it also provided a small fundraising event. The Lord blessed with a large audience and two well-done performances. 

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Voices of the Past: Alumni Chapel

What more could a teacher want than to hear his/her former students are living successful lives! Even though graduates are seen all around campus everyday bringing their children to school, we love to hear what is going on in their lives. Administrator Todd Daniel invited alumni to tell their stories. Not only did it give an alternative to the normal chapel services,  but it allowed the students an opportunity to witness God's power in the lives of ordinary people.  Mr. Daniel said, "I wanted the students to hear truth from a different perspective. The goal was to try and help the students see that God is real in their lives even at their ages." 

The graduates told of their salvation and circumstances or school events that the Lord used to draw them to Himself. They told of the importance of godly friendships, the significance of life struggles and how the Lord grew them in and after high school. One of the greatest blessings was to here how they were serving the Lord in vocations that are not often considered ministry professions.

Graduate Kevin Langley told how the Lord had used experiences of driving a service truck to help him study God's Word and be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about his faith. He said, "Look for ways to serve the Lord." 

In addition to his daily job, Langley seeks to minister in other ways. He and his wife, Beth, also a graduate, serve the Lord through an out-of-the-ordinary ministry. They carry construction items at least twice a year to missionaries who are constructing churches or various projects. 

Another graduate, John Avelino told of how the Lord uses his upbringing at FCS as he works in the business world. He said, "No matter what you do, you can share your faith. You must be fully grounded in your beliefs so that you can answer the questions that you will encounter. God will give you opportunities."

From recent graduates of the last five years to graduates of the 1970s, the wisdom shared answered the questions in the minds of students as they realized they too can serve the Lord and be used by God. 

One student said, "I appreciated the different type of chapel where people who serve in our community shared their challenges and how God can and has used their lives. It made me realize that God can use all of us."

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Keeping the Faith: Our 50th Celebration

How can we begin to thank God for His faithfulness without looking back to remember all He has done? Thus, Lamentations 3:23 became the theme of our 50th school year; "Our God is FAITHful." We ended the 2018 school year with a celebration banquet, a marked memorial and a night of thanksgiving for all to enjoy.

Graduate Jack Whitley (1977) said, "I am thankful for three things. The friends I made here are great Christian friends for life who encouraged me in my faith. I am thankful for the teachers, their love and care even many years after graduation. I can't help but remember my parents who were poor and sacrificed to put me here."

At the beginning of the school year, the Lord put it in the hearts of the faculty and staff to honor those who have deeply impacted the student body of FCS. This included the North Carolina Christian School Association for being our educational support and continuing education resource, the school's Eagle Club for its patronage and providing for the athletic program, Bob Jones University for its provision of curriculum and faculty through the years and the Christian Scholarship Association for its support and partnership in educating students. Last and most importantly, Faith Baptist Church was recognized for casting the vision of FCS and serving as the essential pillar of support to the ministry. During the school year, the student body honored The Wilds Camp, Encounter Revival Ministries and Nate and Erica Jude with SCORE, Int., all for their influence and help in training servant-leaders for the Kingdom of God. 

During our evening of celebration, the reunion was precious as some of the first teachers and students reminisced of the good 'ole days, but to hear the testimonies of God's goodness made the night an amazing memorial not soon forgotten. Each had a story of God's abundant mercy, amazing grace and never-ending faithfulness. Testimonies of the young and old spoke of how God used FCS to impact their journeys.

Graduate Johnny Reeder (1989) and current teacher said, "I can carry you to places on this campus where I've had conversations with these teachers when I was a student. I also met my wife here. I thank the Lord that I now get to work with the people here. I am thankful for the academics, but these people have taught me so many lessons about life. I am so thankful for the work the Lord has done at this place and continues to do here."

Highlights of the evening include the elementary students' sweetly singing "He's Been Faithful," the faculty and staff giving testimony in the song, "God's Been Good" and the Advanced Speech class' dramatic reading of God's Faithfulness. In addition, Dr. Haas' (NCCSA Director) presented a plaque to the school for its 50 years, and Dr. Bob Jones, III (BJU Chancellor and our keynote speaker) encouraged but exhorted to continue the work of the Lord. He challenged the ministry to look back with intent, an intent of observing God's goodness and provision so that we may be encouraged to keep God's vision and persevere in His ways. He reminded, "This is God's doings; let it be marvelous in our eyes," from the words of Psalm 118:23.

The Lord has brought us to this milestone that we may testify of His goodness. We want to continue, to persevere, to remain stedfast in the faith of our founders and veterans who are living examples of authentic faith. We ask our Faith family to pray with us and to persevere with a renewed strength for the praise and glory of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

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