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Labor of Love

What a LOVEly day is Valentine's Day at FCS! Our love spreads all the way to the Dominican Republic to feed villages. Each year Mrs. Sherri Hohneisen, the mission trip coordinator, organizes a fundraiser for the students and parents to send balloons, candy, cake balls, and even singing Valentines at school to as many loved ones as possible. After expenses are met, all the proceeds go to feed church villages on the Seniors' mission trip to the Dominican Republic. The Senior Class cleared over $1600 this year to feed families, and what a blessing it was for the Seniors to share God's love to those who needed help. Their labors were not in vain in the Lord!

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Teaching Ministry

One of our most anticipated weeks of the year comes and goes way too quickly. Our week with Encounter Revival Ministries, a group of college-aged students who minister in song, drama, and teaching, leaves such an impact on our students that some even choose to become a part of the team for one to two years before entering college. Brother Ardy Parlin has led the ministry for over 25 years, and our school decided to recognize him and his wife, Jean, for their faithfulness to our school as we celebrate our 50 years in 2018. The ministry was awarded with a plaque as one of three ministries which has greatly influenced FCS students. One current member, Jonah Boyd, graduated FCS in 2016 and joined the team that fall. She testifies to the change in her life because of ERM and said, "Being on the team has challenged me to be a servant. I have realized that I do not want to waste my life thinking about and just serving myself. My mission is to show the love of Christ to every person I come in contact with."

The team spent their week encouraging and challenging the students through preaching as well as small group teaching sessions and God-honoring music often accompanied by sign language. Drama has become a great instrument they use for ministry, such as the story of Naaman.

Having enjoyed her time back at FCS in early March, Boyd said, "I enjoyed the excitement of the kids and teens. It's not always like that on the road, and it's encouraging to see them participating."

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God's Been Good

What an exciting night for the Seniors, their families and friends! Instead of a homecoming king or queen, what better way could we honor our Senior Class than to award them a certificate signifying an attribute voted by the high school student body? The Seniors were honored for attributes such as loyalty, kindness, supportiveness and the list goes on. Each Senior was recognized with his/her parents, and each Senior's testimony was read.  As the night was themed "Blessings," the Seniors reflected on God's blessings in their lives through their testimonies, and a slideshow of pictures further portrayed how blessed they truly are. The memorable evening ended with a circle of prayer over the Seniors to lead our student body with grateful hearts, praising their God for His blessings. 

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Honoring Our Heroes

As one of our few schoolwide chapel services of the school year, Veterans Day includes the assembling and honoring of our local heroes. Relatives and friends joined us for a music concert, a time for reflection and a time to show our respect and honor those who serve our country's military. From war vets to reservists and even present military officers, our students shook the hands and listened to the testimonies of service men and women committed to upholding our country's values and defending her freedom. The Advanced Speech Class recited the testimony of a soldier, the Echoes of Faith ensemble and handbell choir performed, while the elementary chorus and middle school students also sang of our great God and country. 

Middle school teacher Johnny Reeder led the program and took time to reflect on our nation's heroes. He said, "These veterans here today had to be dependable in their work."

He continued, "The people who have chosen to be a part of our military have a desire for something much greater than themselves. They wanted to defend this country whose core values from the start were based upon God's Word." 

At the close of the service, just before the students showed their respect by thanking them and shaking hands with the veterans in attendance, the high school ensemble sang "I'm Proud to Be an American." The memorable service impacted both the students and veterans. One parent said, "I always look forward to this day. I know most schools do not have school on this day, but I believe our students are educated in a very special way. They see the importance of honoring those who serve, those who greatly deserve our gratitude and respect."

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All of His Work: Fall Festival 2017 

A team of dedicated workers, better known as the Faith faculty and staff, gave of themselves for the profits of a cause much greater than any one of them - The Lord's ministry at Faith Christian School. Our fall months from October through November involve our faithful and supportive parents to team with our staff to serve the community and fundraise to keep this ministry thriving for the Lord's glory. We never cease to be amazed at God's faithfulness by giving us just the right people to serve, just the right funds to keep His work afloat, and ceaselessly meeting our needs in every way.

Having just completed our 39th Fall Festival, the office ladies again faithfully coordinated the event. They said it best: "Our helpers were plentiful. We were blessed, and it made a difference in the flow of the day. No doubt we had the most volunteers we've had in a long time! The Lord met our needs." 

Even though we have been working and perfecting this endeavor for nearly 40 years, changes are often made for the sake of efficiency and needs. Adding a "Senior Citizen Hour" proved beneficial and was very much appreciated by so many in attendance. The silent auction helped the auctioneers to finish the evening auction earlier. Also, the invitation to those who serve our community provided a great time to honor and thank our service heroes. This included the Randolph County Sheriff, his officers and any first responders.  

As usual, our younger audience flocked to the inflatable slides and activites as our junior and senior classes worked to keep the children entertained. From bashing a car, paying to put someone in "jail," basketball shootouts, to so many games setup in the classrooms, the afternoon events raised money for the juniors and seniors upcoming banquets and mission trips. Then to keep the students occupied during the evening auction, the seniors put together a "spooky--yet funny" trail. Thanks to teachers and parents who pitched in to make the trail of "Guantanamo Bay" better, the seniors were able to raise over $1400 towards their missions fundraising. 

As one who works behind the scenes to make sure so many things are going well as planned, Pastor Gary Moger thanked the faculty, staff, parents, and volunteers for their generous service and contributions. He said, "At the end of the day, I thanked one of our new parent volunteers for their contribution. Their reply was, 'I was greatly impressed by how hard the faculty worked today. It shows how much they care for our kids.' I told them, 'I agree; they're the best.' It reminded me of what Jesus said in Matt. 5:16, 'Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.' I believe our Father received much glory on Friday." 

The Lord blessed by providing great weather, great workers, and great profits towards His work that He so faithfully sustains. 

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Serving, Loving and Praising Our God

What an amazing day! Is it not a blessing to serve the Lord by serving others? Our great God loves to use us to accomplish His work, and we are blessed to have such willing students and supportive parents. The weather was perfect today for so many outdoor jobs, like cleaning windows, raking leaves, pulling weeds, painting, construction - so many different things. Our younger students enjoyed their time singing, visiting, and giving out cards to the nursing home residents. According to Mrs. Tamra Moger, our CSP coordinator, "A lot of our jobs were hard work for older students. Including on-campus work, we were able to accomplish 55 jobs, and at least a third of our jobs were with agencies or homes that we usually visit." 

As always, the Lord blesses in ways that we are able to see now, which gives encouragement, but we also know that He does the unseen, and we trust that to reap benefits for His Kingdom. One blessing for which we are truly grateful was having so many fathers who came out to help with the big jobs. Mrs. Moger said, "I always pray for a lot of men to be able to help, and the Lord supplied all that we needed."

Upon returning from her group's job at the Family Crisis Center in Asheboro, teachers' aide and parent Melody Humble said, "One of our jobs required us to purchase flowers to make the Family Crisis Center look more attractive.  Mrs. Moger gave me $20 to purchase the flowers. We were surprised when the manager at Lowes Hardware told us that we could get whatever we wanted for $20." The group was excited to make the center look nice with flowers, and the personnel were very grateful for the all the work and the generous donation.

After visiting the Soup Kitchen in Asheboro, parent Heather Shimp said, "I was humbled and reminded of the song 'People Need the Lord.' I was glad to spend this time with my daughter, and we were able to see some of the parents of children who are bussed to our church."

Parent Chris Vaughn commented to Mrs. Moger upon returning to school, "The organization of this day was wonderful! It took a lot of deliberate action."

We are all very grateful for Mrs. Moger's diligent efforts in planning this event. She starts during the summer months, and once school begins, the work is on. Also, we cannot forget to praise our prayer partners who have spent many hours in prayer for God's provision, His watch care, and His power to make this effort a success in His eyes, as we seek to train our students to be servant-leaders. 

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Giving Back

Since the 1970s FCS students have received great benefits from The Wilds Christian Camp ministry, so impacting that we could never repay the debt or give an adequate thank you. However, in our 50th year as FCS, the Lord put it in the heart of the administrative staff to express their gratitude to each organization that has come alongside of Faith to fulfill its mission of educating and training servant-leaders for the Kingdom of God. The Wilds Camp has not only evangelized our young people, but they have exhorted and encouraged our students to live God-centered lives and live victoriously in this present world.

In our humble attempts to give The Wilds staff the honor they so deserve, our students and alumni wrote letters to express their gratitude and give testimony of the Wilds impact. While at camp the first week of September, the students treated the staff on Thursday evening by serving the meal and giving out cards with the letters and testimonies, while administration presented a money gift and plaque of honor to the camp staff. The night was encouraging for all. Mrs. Sherri Hohneisen, who helped with the celebration, said, "The students were so excited to honor The Wilds staff.  The young people know Matt, Willie, and Joe--the speakers--but we had an opportunity to honor the men and women who do the behind-the-scenes jobs, which are equally important."

On top of the pleasure of celebrating with the Wilds, the Lord powerfully worked in hearts to save and give salvation assurance to several of our students. Thus, it was worth every mile of the tiring trip! To keep the week lively and entertaining, the middle and high school students not only sat under the preaching of powerful messages and spent much one-on-one time with God, but they braved the falls hike, road the scenic ziplines as well as the tree-top land trolley, a free-falling giant swing, then rowed or peddled boats, jumped from lake towers, and some pounced the lake blob pillow or even soared from it into the cold lake waters. If that was not enough, they rode inner tubes down the river or slid down a choice of two different water slides. In addition, games and skits kept the students in the competitive spirit or just plain laughing at the staffs’ willingness to do the crazy things and actually enjoy it! But the sincerity of The Wilds ministry was clearly seen as program directors shared their hearts and gave direction to the students on many issues of our day, such as hopelessness and suicide, anger/malice/wrath and bitterness, loving God with a wholehearted devotion, what a living sacrifice looks like, and our greatest need - Christ, who is truly enough. The whole Wilds experience framed memories for the students to look back on, but it also revived their hearts to follow wholeheartedly after Christ this school year. 

Senior Sarah Gregg said, "I greatly appreciated this trip. The lessons brought me closer to my God, and my friendships grew."

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Our God Is Faithful!

school - news - 1st daysHere and gone, then and now, we look back and say, "It was God." Our God has been good, and He continues to show his Faithfulness" in our 50th year of operation. Apart from His sustaining power, the pillar of strength in Faith Baptist Church, and the continual support of our community, our doors could not open in celebration of our golden anniversary. Administrator Todd Daniel said, "When you look back over the years, there is only one way to say it: God is faithful."

So much preparation goes into every school year, but this past summer improvements were made to give the campus a face-lift, to refurbish ceilings, walls and floors, to add decoration of historical interest and to give the students a greater since of Eagle pride. But most of all, this celebration causes us to humbly see the faithfulness of our great God. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hohneisen have experienced 49 of the 50 years at FCS, and they especially know the trials and triumphs and how the Lord continues to bless this work. Mr. Hohneisen said, "In every situation, some even desperate, God has been faithful. Our Lord has met the needs and in many instances our wants through faithful servants. God has been the creator and sustainer of FCS. He is a faithful God. Praise the Lord!"

As in the beginnings of each school year, the seniors began with a special treat, a luncheon and special gifts. Mrs. Sherri Hohneisen presented the class a devotional book in which she put much time, love and effort, and Pastor Gary Moger gave the class a copy of God's Word and a plan for Bible reading, while administrator Todd Daniel encouraged the class in servant leadership. 

After graduating 17 seniors last school year, the Lord has blessed with the addition of more than 30 new students to the Faith family, and we are so grateful!

Our classes are in full swing, the students have experienced another reviving trip to The Wilds Camp, and our faculty and staff are praying for the students to apply the things they have learned both academically and spiritually.  We anticipate and pray the Lord's continual working in us as we commit our ways to Him. 

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Go, With God

Another year gained means another group of Eagles spreading their wings. The Class of 2017 marched and took their flight the last week of May. Their teachers and sponsors could describe these servant-leaders as a "closely knit" family of 17. So close that when the valedictorian and two salutatorian roles were announced, the two ladies chose to write and then deliver their addresses as one. Their duo delivery was a definite first, but was a great hit with the audience. Salutatorians Nicole Sheron and Taryn Brunson alluded to how they had done so many things together for the past six years which led into their speech's theme of togetherness and teamwork. Brunson said, "Our teammates for the last several years are sitting right behind us. We have had each other's backs through the difficult times and rejoiced together in the good times. God divinely places people in our lives as our teammates, and I have no doubt that God gave us each other to work together through all these years of school. Even though we each are heading down different paths, we all are pressing for the same goal. That goal is eternity and living our lives in a way so that we will hear God say, 'Well done, thou good and faithful servants.'"

The class appreciated the opportunity to give testimony of the Lord’s work in their lives, but also to sing together just as they did on their March mission trip. So again at graduation, they sang “Lord, I Need You” one last time; however, this time it was sung in both English and partially in Spanish. In addition, graduate Jace Burroughs gave testimony and sang “To Live or Die” based on Paul’s testimony in Philippians 1:21.

After the students received a plethora of academic and athletic awards and scholarships, just another proof of the class’ diligence in all aspects of their education, Nicole Sheron was awarded one of the five 2017 Presidential Scholarships from Randolph Community College, presented by the school's president, Dr. Robert Shackelford. Valedictorian Kari Cox gave her address centered around the game of Dominoes. According to Cox, the 2017 class had set up their "dominoes" all around the school – their various milestones, good and difficult times. She said, “Whether the dominoes were easy or hard to place, we took it step by step, piece by piece and created our pattern. You see, every day as we walked these halls we placed dominoes, some days had more than others, but still a domino, none the less.”

As she came to her conclusion, Cox affirmed that the class’ senior year had been their most rewarding. She continued, “Now with the handing of a small piece of paper, the time has come for all our domino patterns to diverge and then…we push the first one…Our whole lives we have been setting our pattern, placing our dominoes, but like every game of Dominoes, the time must come to stop creating the pattern and make the dominoes fall.”

As the ceremony continued and came to its close, the seniors presented their parents with gifts and all watched a senior photo retrospective of their high school years. Class sponsor Cris Brunson and science teacher Gary Jones sang “But Continue Thou” based on 2 Timothy 3:14 before the class received their diplomas. Dr. Gary Moger, president of FCS, gave the benediction.

Just as the salutatorians concluded their speech on teamwork, the truth was certain that the class would no longer be together – as 10 had been since kindergarten. However, the Lord will continue to be their companions. The speech concluded, “And though much can be accomplished when working together, many more things can be accomplished with Him because nothing is impossible with God.”

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Agricultural Science Students Continue Their Winning Tradition

Congratulations to our Dairy Quiz Bowl teams for a job well done! The students competed in the 4-H State Dairy Quiz Bowl in Statesville, North Carolina, in May 2017. The "Holy Cows" senior team placed third in their division, and the "Holy Holsteins" placed first in the junior division and third in Skill-a-thon. Another junior team, the "Jersey Midgets," placed third in Quiz Bowl.

Since their beginnings in 2005, the different teams have placed in both the state and national levels. Ms. Marjie Grubb, the team coach, said, "I appreciate how the students take this seriously and work so hard. It's exciting for me to take students to the national competitions and win and then to be known as the 'little North Carolina team.'"

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Seniors Represent the AACS

In April the Senior Class visited Washington D.C. where they had the privilege of visiting museums and monuments, the Capitol Building and other government facilities. Each Senior had the responsibility of representing the American Association of Christian Schools and lobbying with delegates for the House of Representatives. The groups presented three issues in writing to the delegates and briefly spoke of their position from the Christian school vantage point.

While on their trip, the seniors had their favorite experiences, but the majority commented on feeling as if they were a part of the government process as they spoke with delegates. Senior John Wensil said, "My favorite times were, first of all, the Holocaust Museum, seeing all those people went through and their stories, and second, seeing our senators in the committee meeting."

Over the years the Senior Class has been greatly impacted by their trip to Washington, D.C. as it makes them more keenly aware of their God-given responsibilities as Christian citizens and causes them to realize they can make a difference in their country.

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FUN: The Name of the Game

One of the greatest days of the year was Field Day! Not only did the students anticipate outdoor fun, but they also knew the signs of the time - summer vacation was almost here! And so the story goes, the elementary students embarked upon their first outdoor field day in the past three years. With great weather and a lot of sunshine, the group spent most of their morning outdoors, with inside games after lunch, then to complete their day with outdoor water fun. To ask the elementary students their favorite times and fond memories, a host of activities and fun came to mind.

Third Grade:

"My favorite activity was filling up the cup with the sponge. We also had to walk with a ball between our legs, and by the time we were all done every one was lying down!" -Ruth McLanahan

"My favorite activity was the water balloon fight. We also played Zonk, had a ball toss and a hula hoop race."- Levi Brown

Fourth Grade:

"My favorite was the two-legged race. An exciting time is whenever we did the water balloon toss!" -Azura Yates

"We had pizza, we played games, we got wet with a waterhose, and, most of all, we had fun!" - Isabelle Nance

Fifth Grade:

"I enjoyed the pie-in-the-face activity. One exciting moment was when we won 30,000 points. My team won, and that was so exciting!" - Ashley Humble

"We raced, we hopped, we got wet! My most exciting moment was 'pieing' Lyndsey!" -Casey Allen

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One, But Many

The sophomore year speech class with its end-of-year drama always ranks as unforgettable with the students' high school experiences. Although this group was a class of 22, each one had his/her perfect "nitch" to make the play as nearly perfect as it could be, thanks to Mrs. Charissa Brunson's and Mrs. Sherri Hohneisen's expertise. As a first-time showing of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," there was a great amount of stage work for Mr. Larry Brunson, Mr. Franklin Allred, and Jace Burroughs who worked late nights and weekends to get it all done. Monday's dress rehearsal then the Thursday and Saturday showings made an exciting week for this group of students who loved their theatre experience. Kyle Richardson, who played the Cowardly Lion, said, "During this time, we had to work as 'one' and not as 'many.' We all came together to make this happen. The main thing we learned is that when we all work together, the results will be outstanding."

Also emphasizing their working together well, Gracie York said, "We had each others' backs, whether it was feeding each other the next line, comforting each other when we were nervous, and even praying as a group before we went on stage."

The students, speech teachers and stage builders were not the only hardworkers making the performance happen, but the meal coordinator Marjie Grubb and her crew, Bev Boniface and Tonya Bivins, who decorated the tables, and the office ladies' organization were key elements to such a successful dinner and performance. All worked together for a job "well done!"

Looking back and reflecting on her experience, Gracie York said, "One of the best times was the last part of the play when we were all out there on stage as a group. We knew that our hard work as a class really paid off to give the best performance we could."

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Students Place in Academic Testing

Senior Will Dinsmore and junior Laura LeGlue were named in the top academic winners for the NCCSA (North Carolina Christian School Association) Academic Testing. Dinsmore received First Place in Physics and Third Place in Chemistry while LeGlue received Second Place in Physics. We congratulate these two and students from other schools who also placed in the testing results.