You Can Read Through the Bible

Each year the members of the Church are challenged to read through their Bibles.  By reading four chapters a day, the Bible can be completed in 43 weeks.  During the Homecoming service each January the Deacons recognize those who have completed this challenge. 

The reason we seek to read through the Bible each year is to provide us with a context for understanding the truths of God's Word.  The Bible comes alive when we understand its history, characters, stories and locations in the Bible.  Each of the 66 books of the Bible add a unique perspective on the overall story of God's redeeming of mankind.  The better a Christian knows the entire story of the Bible, the easier it will be to apply its principles to their lives. 

Below is a PDF of the Annual Bible Reading Schedule we pass out to every member of FBC every year.  Please download it, use it and enjoy being in God's Word each and every day.